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Nice game :) The darkness and lantern feature really make this more than just an average platformer. The positioning of the lanters is great, it is really helpful and that makes them central to my approach in each level rather than having me just running and jumping past everthing instead of playing the way it's intended  (which is often the case with this genre). 

Great job! :)

I like this a lot :) Nice graphics, satisfying controls, fast pace, yet a nice mood that gradually shifted thanks to the changes in both visuals and sound. The dialogue was nice too, had me chuckle a little about the whole butter thing :P Great job!

Sadly the game doesn't work for me :( I hear the sounds and stuff, but it's just a blue screen 

Music and art fits well together, and I appreciate that there is a sound effect telegraphing that the mold is coming and to feedback the crouching. Though, it does feel a bit empty :P

I like it :) Though I struggle with subpixel movement in a game that uses pixelart (makes me misjudge hitboxes and timing) I like this enough to play it through a few times unitl I won :) Simple yet fun gameplay and the graphics along with the sound effects do what they are supposed to! Well done

I like it a lot :) Maybe more moody than spooky, but I got kind of invested from scratch and enjoyed it a lot ^^ Thanks for making this game

Atmospheric and creepy! While I think it's a bit too slow paced (and you need to do the same puzzle agian and again), the story and sound effects are good enough to keep it interesting ^^ Well done!

Graphics are great and the simple guitar strumming makes for great tension :) After a while it got a bit samey though. Great job ^^  

Creepy atmosphere and made me jump when I was caught by the monsters :P Great job!

You need to get some help from the fox lurking in front of them! See if you can somehow get him in the light of the lantern ^^

Very cute art :) One thing I really appreciate is that the dialogue was just on the spot for a game of this scope; not too much lore, but also enough to make it believable and give directions. Great :D The nice artwork at the end was also a big plus! 

Really nice graphics (although the the illuminated parts sometimes feel a bit washed out). But the  fact that the light towers turn and illuminate stuff in the distance is really cool :D 

Thanks! :) Try finding a way to shine the light on it!

Fun game! I never got the 100 pumpkins tho. Really well-made and challengeing without feeling unfair. I like it! 

Other than that, I agree with Matt! some music would have made a big difference for this game :)

Cool game with great atmosphere! Though there is little to do in it I found myself actually playing twice to make sure I didn't miss anything :) I got the same ending both times, so I guess that's the one there is?

Cool game, and good job ^^

Ah alright :) Great that you took time to test it out and got back to us with feedback, we really appreciate it ^^ And thanks for playing!

Cool game! I like that it counts bones rather than kills or points or whatever. Would've been interesting if there were different kinds of skeletons other than big and small that made more use of this mechanic! (But hey, it's a game jam).

The ending screen when all the bones fall into the cauldron was a great detail that really made this game look extra good! 

Well done :)

Very well-made game! The graphics fit really well, and I love the  film grain. Music fits really well too, and it is all so very well-balanced. Played till 13 candies before I lost (didn't really understand why I lost, because I didn't touch a ghost. I guess one spawned on me?)

Anyway, had lots of fun playing it and loved the simple, yet engaging gameplay ^^

Cool game :) I made it to around 20k before I lost the third run (first two times I was just trying to learn the ropes). Would be super cool with some level graphics, but the stuff in there works really well right now anyway. Had fun :)

I think maybe it's working as intended but doesn't communicate what happens well enough :P  The idea is that when you stand still by the birds and have the lamp lit, they start singing (you should hear this clearly), then after a short while they speak to you and help you remove the branch :P 

Could that be it? Or is there a bug I'm not aware of?

Many thanks :D I'm glad to hear you pushed through and made it to the end ^^

Thanks for a nice review :)

Well, the idea is to force the player to execute some well-timed dashes and flicking the lantern on and off to both avoid the evil spirit and the horse at the same time. So the lantern doesn't cost anything, it just prevents you from dashing and jumping which you need for platforming and for making it to safety when the horse comes.

About the hair... I (the programmer of this entry, but usually an artist) was supposed to make most of the characters and animation work this time around, but I only managed to make the horse and the idle animation for the main character before we realised I had to focus almost exclusively on programming instead. So, what happened was that with like an hour or two to go Ulf had to create the run, walk and jumping animation for the main character. So, the hair was actually rushed! But I agree, it looks amazing and Ulf did a phenomenal job :P

Very very nice! The visuals and the sounds help build a great atmosphere that makes the story very immersive. I reached end 1, but will deffo try again to see what other turns this tale can take :D Amazing job, I am truly impressed!

Amazing game :) Music is great, and the atmosphere is really spooky! I wish I had a proper mouse and not a touch pad for this though! Great entry!

Fun! I like that there are phases and that the gameplay changes. It makes the experience both varied and engaging! Well done :)

Really really nice! I'm amazed you got this put together in just 2 days time. Oddly, my favourite part was the tutorial ; it was fun and got me really excited while showing the ropes, and had me well-prepared for the main game.

At some points the game was slowing down noticably, but I was trying it out on my laptop (A Surface Pro), so probably that is why :P

Well done! I enjoyed it!

Hah! I agree with the description on the site, it's kind of buggy. :P But given the vibe of the game that almost feels like a feature, so it's not such a big problem. It was fun and I jumped a bit from the jump scare when I got caught! Good job ^^

Nice! I like the tempo and the graphics are really sweet :) If there is one thing to complain about it would be that some of the graves blend in a bit too well with the background if you have a crappy monitor (like I do!) So a bit more contrast could've been nice. I just might return to take the high score later... :P

This is really cool! Everything is well-made and it is a creative concept :) Love it!

Looks really cool, but I can't get past the first room :S Am I just dumb or is this related to the bug? Anyway, a hint or explanation of controls would be nice ^^ I really want to try it out

Heh, I like the pun :P Cool-looking and exciting. I found I had to kite the enemies to beat them, and sometimes I get totally swamped by enemies and got stuck for a long while and being unable to move even though nothing really happened. 

Cute game :) I think it works very well with the theme ^^ Had fun playing it!

I couldn't quite figure out how to not get caught by the spikes whenever they appeared :( What am I missing?

Other than that, wonderful graphics and catchy music! Great work! 

Nice game :) I like the control very much, it felt smooth and spot-on. What I missed was sound effects and animations, though, I am aware it is done in 48 hours, so that is certainly a tall order ^^

Great game!

Made it to ending 1/2 :) Curious what ending 2/2 might be :P

Nice concept about the whole trying to make sense of your surroundings without visuals, but it would've been nice to get some feedback to know if I am actually moving or not. :)

Very cool! I like the characters, the variation in the graphics, sounds, and the overall Scooby-doo vibe! :)

I think that changing positions of some of the items that activate the scares would make it more of a challenge. That way  the zoom out function would also be more useful since you'd find something and then have to figure out where it goes, now it's more or less 5 seperate levels.

Had fun! It was really cool ^^ And as always: Thanks for the game jam!

Fun game :) I think it's a nice concept that can be greatly improved with some variation (obviously a tall order in a 48h game jam :P). Thanks for making it ^^

Man, this game was cool :) I haven't finished it yet because I was crap at it when using a touch pad on my laptop. Will try it again once I'm at a proper computer!  ^^

Cool! Spooky and atmospheric, yet a bit predictable :P I gotta say I love the idea of a pumpkin monster though! Played it twice just to make sure I didn't miss anythin. Thanks for making it ^^

The skull, click it twice :)

Also! You should really play the newer version found in the link above (unless you're actively looking for the game jam experience of course) ^^