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Do we have to work on the game for the full 6 months or can submit it whenever we want? and if we submit early will it affect the score of our game?

These guys are so cute! :D

Thanks! :D

This game is so cool! I love the implementation of the theme, so unique! :D

Can we remake existing games?

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I got 2 questions for you

do the sprite sizes have to be a certain size like 8 x 8 or 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 and so on?

and is there any more color limitations like 4 colors only? or we just use the 10 colors only?

I haven’t joined a jam in a while and I was wondering if I would be able to submit two projects because I love the concept of demaking games.

If I’m being honest i most likely won’t though, but I want to know just in case.


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This is a really good game! That big boulder thing is very ominous!

I gotta say! These are pretty good! I just bought them a few days ago and they look splendid! Great Job!

okay thats cool

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I’ve been wondering and I wanted to bring this up to see what you guys think since this is a tool jam and personally I think Mario maker is a mix of game and a tool.

Wow This Game Looks Amazing! You Did an Amazing Job! :D

Haha, Thank You So Much! :D I hope you enjoy it! :D

Yay! I got an A+! lol, Thanks! :D

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Thank You For Including My Game In Your Video! :D

I would like to play this game but for some reason, this game won’t seem to load…

This looks amazing! and the colors are so cool!

I really like this game! The music is catchy, The story is interesting and The graphics are absolutely amazing! :D just the game was a bit laggy for me, but overall amazing work!

Thank you! :D

Thanks! :D This game was heavily inspired by the classic Super Mario Bros!

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I used Construct 3 for Programming, a mix of Aseprite, Pyxel Edit, and Piskel for Graphics, BXFR, and Beepbox for Sounds, and for Music I used a cool program called Wolfram Tones that can use AI to generate short little music melodies, I used that since I suck at composing music lol

here’s the link to wolfram tones if anyone is interested Wolfram Tones

Hello, can you guys please make modding the game easier? (especially when it comes to the graphics) for example, make the sprite sheets more compact and organized or make the debug mode more practical.

I’m not sure if you guys have already done something similar to this because I haven’t really tuned in to watch any of the live streams, but I have heard you guys are planning to change modding in some way.

Ok! when I release the new version of the game I’ll make sure to make a downloadable version! :-D

Those waves were wild lol! I enjoyed the concept and the mechanics. Nice Work!

I would appreciate your feedback as well :D

Really nice concept and mechanics! The bullets were all over the place which made it more challenging. Good Work!!

I would appreciate your feedback as well :D

I really enjoyed the mechanics of this game. Cute and clever concept! Nice Work!

I would appreciate your feedback as well :D

I enjoyed the mechanics of this puzzle game! It was simple and entertaining! Nice Work!

I would appreciate your feedback as well :D

Thank you! :-D

Thank you! :-D I’ll make sure to add jump buffering and coyote time into the game!

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Thanks! I have a new version coming out soon that fixes that problem :-D

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

Thanks! I learned how to make those squishy animations thanks to Vimlark! i suggest you check his channel! he has very good content! :-D

Thanks! I’m very glad you understood my interpretation of the theme! :D

Thank you! :-D