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[Devlog] Mir and the Stone Prince

A topic by classycuckoolanderclasso created Jan 07, 2017 Views: 422 Replies: 11
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Game Engine: RPG Maker 2003


In the land of Nevergone, there is an old fairy tale that speaks of a prince that was turned to stone within the crumbling castle lost in the Forest Nevergone. Legends say that the only way for the prince's curse to be lifted is through a prince or princess of pure heart's true love, but ever since rumors of an evil witch lurking in the forest have begun circling around, no one has dared to see if the legends were true.

Enter Mir: a little cygnet living in the town of Everhere. Raised on the legend of the stone prince, Mir decides to finally take the leap and see if the legends are true, and hopefully rescue the stone prince.

Current Characters

  • Mir - A cygnet living in the town of Everhere. The main character.
  • Prince Gavin - The stone prince.


The game is story-based, so paying attention to what NPCs say are a key factor, as is collecting items for certain situations and solving puzzles. I hope to learn RPGM2K3's battle system well enough in order to implement a few story battles, but if I don't, then the end product will not be affected too much by the lack of story battles. Puzzles will most likely be the end of me in this game but I'm here to learn! There might be choices in game that will affect whether or not you get the true ending.

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Day 1:

Sprited Mir and their four alternate sprites and three other major characters, and sprited the basics of Mir's room and coded in flavor text.

Also started polishing the story and its dialogue in a separate text file, and started making talksprites for the major characters.

Placeholder tiles for bigger maps have also begun to be placed in new maps in preparation for newer tilesets.

[it's like 12:58am of day 2 now here whoops gonna go to bed]


wow this is a really solid start already--i love the style of your pixels. rm2k3 is one of my favorite engines so i hope you can get solid experience out of this project!

thank you!! it's also one of my favorites since a lot of my favorite games were made on it and most of what i know come from studying those games too, and i hope i learn something new with MatSP!


Day 2:

Not much progress was done today due to the morning being occupied with family time and a good portion of the afternoon to midnight being occupied by homework and projects, but I've mapped out half of Everhere Town and placed placeholder tiles and NPCs with dialogue for each! Spriting for these parts of town will be done tomorrow... or within the week, because I have a research paper to write.

The good news is, Mir's second floor/bedroom has also been completed and has all its events/flavor text! Little adjustments may be made to the text but otherwise it's finished! Mir travels between the two floors via a ladder instead of stairs like conventional animals because that's just how Mir is. Mir does what Mir wants.

What a cluttered mess. Then again, Mir is a cygnet. Cygnets do not have time to rearrange their pillow nests or their blankets unless they have visitors.

Wow! I agree with J, your pixel style is so charming! And that is quite a bit of progress, too.

I can't wait to see more~

thank you!! it feels nice to know that my attempts at trying something new with pixels are pretty okay with people!!

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Day 3:

It's only been three days and already I feel like I might not be able to finish the whole thing in entirety, but I CAN make it up to a playable demo. But that might just be my negativity.


Mir's house has been sprited and evented inside and out, hooray!

The residences on either side of Mir's house have the same tileset as Mir's house at the moment, but they work very well as placeholder tiles, mind you. The placeholder creatures are NPCs to talk to, and one day, maybe, you can enter all the houses. One day. Maybe. For now all you can do is check the mailboxes to see who lives in which house.

( There is a chicken there. It's not a very smart chicken because it's next to a slime. But that slime is sentient: he's a good tourist.)

There's also one unique minor NPC so far in front of Mir's house, but not unique enough to get her own portrait unless I actually finish the demo whoops.

The title screen now also has a placeholder screen of sorts so I don't have to stare at the default anymore! Unless you guys think it's fine as it is? I think it looks okay; decent.

Back to my research paper I go!


That loading screen is super cute! Also, I chuckled at the "roses are red" thing.


wow this is coming along so nicely! also i wouldn't be too disappointed if at the end of two weeks if you have a demo of the game you want to make--this is actually what we expect from jammers. the two week jam is hopefully a great way for you to dive in headfirst and then you can spend more time afterward refining and tweaking to the product you truly envisioned and possibly making it more efficient. and it looks like it's headed on that track already!


ahhh! i love your game's artstyle and aesthetic in general. it looks like you started this jam running and i'm really excited to see how this progresses!


Days 4-6:

By the gods, I didn't get to do much these three days because I was trying desperately to salvage my grades and requirements ;~; However, I did make some music tracks using BeepBox! The first one I made will be used in a much later version of the game, while the other one will be the theme music of Everhere Town!

The town square has been finished, and NPC sprites for houses on either side of Mir's house and in the town square have become unique. All the animals and monstrous creatures Mir will have grown up with will have unique names to distinguish them, but others will be labeled as 'Slime Tourist' or 'Lion Tourist' and the like.

(Very original, Classo, replacing a slime with another slime.)

And also: we can finally see our little Mir out of tiny sprite form!


I'm going swimming tomorrow + midterms are coming up. Oh my god what is time management help me I'm dead