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Day 2:

Not much progress was done today due to the morning being occupied with family time and a good portion of the afternoon to midnight being occupied by homework and projects, but I've mapped out half of Everhere Town and placed placeholder tiles and NPCs with dialogue for each! Spriting for these parts of town will be done tomorrow... or within the week, because I have a research paper to write.

The good news is, Mir's second floor/bedroom has also been completed and has all its events/flavor text! Little adjustments may be made to the text but otherwise it's finished! Mir travels between the two floors via a ladder instead of stairs like conventional animals because that's just how Mir is. Mir does what Mir wants.

What a cluttered mess. Then again, Mir is a cygnet. Cygnets do not have time to rearrange their pillow nests or their blankets unless they have visitors.

Wow! I agree with J, your pixel style is so charming! And that is quite a bit of progress, too.

I can't wait to see more~

thank you!! it feels nice to know that my attempts at trying something new with pixels are pretty okay with people!!