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Days 4-6:

By the gods, I didn't get to do much these three days because I was trying desperately to salvage my grades and requirements ;~; However, I did make some music tracks using BeepBox! The first one I made will be used in a much later version of the game, while the other one will be the theme music of Everhere Town!

The town square has been finished, and NPC sprites for houses on either side of Mir's house and in the town square have become unique. All the animals and monstrous creatures Mir will have grown up with will have unique names to distinguish them, but others will be labeled as 'Slime Tourist' or 'Lion Tourist' and the like.

(Very original, Classo, replacing a slime with another slime.)

And also: we can finally see our little Mir out of tiny sprite form!


I'm going swimming tomorrow + midterms are coming up. Oh my god what is time management help me I'm dead