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Day 3:

It's only been three days and already I feel like I might not be able to finish the whole thing in entirety, but I CAN make it up to a playable demo. But that might just be my negativity.


Mir's house has been sprited and evented inside and out, hooray!

The residences on either side of Mir's house have the same tileset as Mir's house at the moment, but they work very well as placeholder tiles, mind you. The placeholder creatures are NPCs to talk to, and one day, maybe, you can enter all the houses. One day. Maybe. For now all you can do is check the mailboxes to see who lives in which house.

( There is a chicken there. It's not a very smart chicken because it's next to a slime. But that slime is sentient: he's a good tourist.)

There's also one unique minor NPC so far in front of Mir's house, but not unique enough to get her own portrait unless I actually finish the demo whoops.

The title screen now also has a placeholder screen of sorts so I don't have to stare at the default anymore! Unless you guys think it's fine as it is? I think it looks okay; decent.

Back to my research paper I go!

That loading screen is super cute! Also, I chuckled at the "roses are red" thing.