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[Devlog] Lucid - A game about lucid dreaming

A topic by Mocadium created Jul 23, 2017 Views: 369 Replies: 23
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Hey everyone! This is out Devlog for our game Lucid!

Engine: GM Studio

First Day Planning:

On the first day we planned a lot of what we were thinking and came up with the idea of a person who can lucid dream, meaning he can control what he dreams about. Taking this concept into a game format, its a person who goes into his dream to fight off his nightmares. We planned out a basic plot, which ive never done before, and planned out the steps to start and the goals we want to finish in the day (basically to get everything set up for the game).

First Day Dev:

Got movement, shooting, ammo, enemies, checkpoints, respawning etc.

Also got  a bit of art done once i had finished all we had set out to do!

Second Day Goals:
  • Shadows
  • More Dialogue
  • NPCs
  • Transitions
  • More Enemies
  • Bit more art once I finish!
Open to more ideas!

I absolutely love this art. good job!


Thank you so much! Means a lot :)


Very stylish! Looking forward to seeing what kind of story you have planned.


Thank you! Looking forward to making it a reality!

Second Day Dev:

More boring day, lot of tweaking things.  Finishing up the first cut scene, adding weather, tweaking particles,  and a bit more art :)

Apart from that, i really just ended up starting a level select room! nothing really yet to see though...

Third Day Goals:
  • Level Select Room (At least more progress)
  • Some more behind the scenes dialogue touchups
  • More scenery planning, the place looks bare!
  • Some form of NPC
  • JUST MORE ARTTTT (Im not very proficient at art yet, so i take forever to get it how i want it)


Do you intend to have different types of ammunition? Perhaps different enemy types require different subsets of ammunition to hurt them? Or, if you have a single type of ammunition, maybe as a bonus feature you can add in player customization of what they shoot. They are a lucid dreamer after all.

Looking forward to seeing how crazy these lucid dreams can get.


Heyyyy, great idea!! I like that. I did want different types of guns, but i like that youd have to use different guns to hurt different enemies! And yea i do want it to get a bit crazy...

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Day 2.5 Update

Got a bit excited with my progress so far, so ill share it with you so far and cover whatever I do after this in my third day devlog!

Finished the level select cloud first off, which im really happy with:

Now as youll notice, theres 2 people on the cloud! The top one was set to be my first NPC, which was my next goal.

Some things I needed to have were:

  • Multiple pages of dialogue
  • Proximity detection
  • Ability to add multiple NPC's easily (parenting)
  • Typical text scrolling thing

And it was accomplished!

(Sorry, GIF dosent seem to be working for some reason)

Lastly, I got a portal system working so that each button leads to a new level!

Anyway, Ill get back to it, but just thought I'd share my progress so far as i think its pretty productive!


This looks neat! Look forward to seeing where this one goes. :)


Thank you! I have set aside soo much time for this jam so im determined to get something out there that im proud of!

Damn looking at a game made with GM is so tempting. But I have to stick with unity :(


Aww nooo!! Unity has some great unique features in itself that i could never dream of doing!

GM is cool and simple, gets shit done quickly, but too limited in some aspects.
I've quit GM because of bad crossplatform integration and faulty monetization plugins.

Third Day Dev:

Finished all my goals I had set myself to accomplish, except for the ongoing ones of course (ART). 

Got the Level Select room working, which was already mostly done when I did my day 2.5 devlog, but just made it more functional.

Started work on the first level/miniboss room today, got the cloud done and the cage where the first nightmare victim will be!

Apart from that, just a few more little bits of art including these cute lollipops! and thats about so far, a lot less progress because i had to go to work today! But Im sitting down now to do a whole new bulk of work on it, so lets set some goals for the next day:

Fourth Day Goals
  • Landscape for Level 1
  • Begin the level 1 miniboss, just basics
  • More Random art!

This looks really pretty and cool! I can't wait to play it.


Thank you! Cant wait for you to play it!

Your art is looking really good. I wish I could say the same for my own work. I'd love a sneak peek at your first level so I can tell what the gameplay is like beyond the fact that you can shoot things. I imagine that the levels are similar in vein to Bastion where you travel along each level for a little story and designated action spots. Mini-bosses and NPCs make me think your world can grow pretty big. I'm excited to see more.


Since this is only a small jam, i think the levels will JUST be the little minibosses, but I would love to expand and have a totally filled world! Totally out of reach for 2 weeks though!

Jam Host

NICE! this looks great so far! i really like the premise of the game too!


Sorry everyone, I've been really busy and haven't had time for much dev, letalone logging! Spend all night on Day 5 doing some hardcore dev, and got enough done to keep me on track! Apart from that, have had a really terrible day today, so devving will really calm me down hopefully! Anyway, enough personla talk, more on the game stuffs!

Fifth - Seventh Day Dev:

Level 1 Boss!!!! Firstly, I designed a boss (Well the first prototype of it (probably will change):

Next, I worked on a little arena, and by little, i mean I tried to pixel art a 512 x 512 arena by hand! Biggest artwork so far!

I added them both into the game, and it worked great!

Then I got to coding the boss! Using a finite state machine (Google it if youre not sure what that is), it was really easy to implement different AI Scripts and attacks! I wont make too many GIFs of the attacks because 1) Theyre too long and not worth the time, and 2)  Might leave it as a surprise for you to play and learn yourself! Then added my weather effects, designed some more particles, added clouds, and then a lot of tweaking to get the difficulty level right!

Anyway, Im trying to post more often. Wish me luck!


This looks so cool! I can't wait to play it!


Dang this looks amazing so far!! Keep up the good work!

Looking awesome! Can't wait to try it out!