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A jam entry

Escape the planetView game page »

Submitted by Air Dinghy Interactive (@airdinghy) with 5 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 16 people so far
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Volumetric Lights for Unity 5

Disgraced Shrine ~ Spirit of Fire ~ Action Tracks by Art Of Escapism

Spaceship Ambience ~ nick121087

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 Controlling the speed or having a boost would have been cool. I really enjoyed it and played all the way through. nice work.



There was a few times where collision was detected, but I didn't seem to actually be hitting anything, and there was a few jarring camera cuts, but other than that, a pretty good game!


Guy put you in his Top 5!


Thanks Guy. Really appreciate it.


I like the visuals a lot. The sound was also nice and it really felt like you hit something anytime you crash. I feel like the ship could move a little faster or shorten the sequences right before and after passing through the planet. Those seemed to take a while and there wasn't much going on.

Really neat game overall! Great job!


The visuals are super vibrant and expressive, and you have some nice effects in there.  I do think the game felt a bit slow in parts, and there are some sudden perspective changes which are pretty jarring, but nice job!