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I think that that would make the game much harder in later levels. ( Even harder than they already are ). I can understand having a harder time to remember which color is which, but I think that that can add to the desired difficulty. If I were to make more than 20 levels, and really expand outside of the jam, I would hope to design each level with the idea of introducing new colors as the levels progressed. I would try to hard wire the player's brain into remembering which color was which key, by getting them to use 2 to 4 colors a lot in the earlier levels.

I had a hard time controlling my units. I think that maybe the position the game thinks I am clicking on might be off. I couldn't finish the first level.

I have to ask, does the symbol there give off the impression that you need to touch it? I may have not thought this out. It is supposed to just be the letter 'K', telling you to press 'K' to change your color. This may have been a bad design choice on my part. I'll have to make some adjustments. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I think that this is super cool, but can I ask why your assignment is to only help with a jam team, and not participate in a jam in a team yourselves? I don't think I speak for everyone involved in the jams, but I would guess that most  of us just kinda go for it when making a game for jams.

I see that you mentioned "remote collaboration", but is that really the only thing you guys are trying to take away from such an experience?

And on a side note, if you guys had a hard time finding people to help, but absolutely HAD to help a team, would it help if I just made a jam team where I was looking for all the work to be done by "helpers"? Lol bit of a joke, but wouldn't mind doing that if you guys really needed to.

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Oh? It's just a game built with Unity3D. I've never heard of an issue like that before.

Was there a specific file it didn't like? Was it the .exe file? Have you played other Unity games on that machine before?

Edit: Disregard last question. Thanks for letting me know about this, I will try to figure out the issue.

Yeah, I really wish I knew how to make music and SFX, I really want to add to this and finish it off as a mobile game or something.

Lol! This was fun to watch! Sorry those monsters kept cheating. ( There is no end to the game )

I love how your thumbnail looks so much better than my icon. 

Thanks for playing!

There was a few times where collision was detected, but I didn't seem to actually be hitting anything, and there was a few jarring camera cuts, but other than that, a pretty good game!

Wow, a really great game, and very impressed this was all made in that short amount of time!

The wall jump mechanics felt a bit weird, but I really enjoyed this game. Good job!

Thank you! I will be moving this over to Android as well after a bit of work to it. I am also looking at getting some much needed sound into the game.

Thanks for the compliment :)

And someone else in the game comments said the same thing about playing the theme song too lol

Yea, I don't know how to make music or sound effects, and I'm not really sure why, but I always feel weird adding stuff from other people. I really want to add sounds though, maybe in an update later.

And 16 isn't half bad :)

That's a pretty good score. And there is no way to win, it's just to see how high of a score you can get, those pesky monsters always find a way to cheat

Nice game, but one thing I noticed is that you can jump onto the safes, but cannot jump off of them. I see you are using Unity, are you using a ground check to a layer to determine if the character can jump or not? Maybe add the items you can climb on to the list of layers so that you can jump off of them as well

The camera doesn't follow the player for me, so I can't play more than 2 seconds