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Free labour! Help a good cause!

A topic by Aetheric Games created Mar 19, 2018 Views: 473 Replies: 17
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Writing on behalf of a games dev class at Edinburgh College. One of the class assignments is to contribute to a jam team. There are 12 games dev students here ready to contribute to your jam project in any way you like, either by joining your team or completing a single task.

Not only will this help your project, it will also give these future game devs some experience of remote collaboration and production practice, so you'll be doing a good deed!

Reply if you want help with:

  • 2D art, from sprites to logos to backgrounds
  • Non-game art assets such as website content, promo images, icons
  • Making or sourcing free sounds, music, textures
  • Simple modelling
  • Basic coding in C# for Monogame
  • Blueprint scripting and level design in Unreal

Anything you want help with, ask! (But also, please don't be offended if we take up your request.)


I just tweeted about this! Hopefully you'll get some replies :)

I think that this is super cool, but can I ask why your assignment is to only help with a jam team, and not participate in a jam in a team yourselves? I don't think I speak for everyone involved in the jams, but I would guess that most  of us just kinda go for it when making a game for jams.

I see that you mentioned "remote collaboration", but is that really the only thing you guys are trying to take away from such an experience?

And on a side note, if you guys had a hard time finding people to help, but absolutely HAD to help a team, would it help if I just made a jam team where I was looking for all the work to be done by "helpers"? Lol bit of a joke, but wouldn't mind doing that if you guys really needed to.

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Hi Kerrigan - good questions! The post said, "to contribute to your jam project in any way you like, either by joining your team or completing a single task", so it's not to help only.

This is just one of the assignments the class have been asked to do. They are also working on longer term projects in internal teams. The point of this one specifically is to get experience of collaborating and communicating with a new team and documenting the process at some point during the semester. (I'm the lecturer who set the assignment and I made the first post as a jumping-off point.)


You should also join our Discord server and post in #lookingforateam!

You'll find teams much faster :)


Aetheric Games,  Hey show anyone this post, or please give me contact info. This is an image of the main character. And here is a Devlog related to the METAGAME Jam.

Ideally, this is for anyone who want to work with Godot 3. However, I would love a sound designer or music maker.  However, in the future, love to have a game jam buddy list.  :D Thank you :D

Hey, could I get some help with 2d- Legend of Zelda style tilemaps and characters? I'm going for a floating island theme. Also, the game is basically legend of Zelda if Link actually spoke. 


Hey, did you look at ?

Thanks, I guess I will. with just a week left, I think it may be my only recourse. 


Hey! I would love some help with 2d art in my game. I'm making a Game Marketeer simulation so there's a lot of different kind of work. Send me a message if you are interested!

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Hey, I'd be interested in helping. What kind of 2D art do you need?


Hey! That's awesome. What do you have experience with? Most urgent stuff is:

  • Icon for the game
  • Cover art for the game
  • Visual representations/logos of 4 sites you can visit inside the meta game

If you are interested in something else I also plan to include inside my game some kind of Avatar generator. The plan is for every Youtube influencer in the game to have it's own avatar or we could give the player a chance to make his own avatar inside the game. Anyway, your job would be to draw 3 different types of heads, 3 different types of hair, noses, eyes etc. so there's a lot of combinations.

Take a look at this to see what I mean:

I have some experience creating 8-bit art if that's the style you're going for? I've joined the discord so you can message me there with details.


Sorry for not responding sooner! The game took a turn to a more vector art style. I just couldn't wait no more so I used a lot of assets from freepik

It's cool


Thanks for all the replies. I've made sure the class know that there are replies waiting for them.


What other jams are they doing? 

Any they can find over the next month or so! :)  I know that they have looked at this one and #notGDCjam, April Fools Jam, and 2 Weeks UE4 Jam, and also Ludum Dare. The assignment is about taking part and documenting it, so any jam or team of any size is ok.