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Simple never ending shooting gallery, attempt to keep a high percentage.
Submitted by Five Percent Crit — 6 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#74.1824.182

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Five Percent Crit

Software used
Unity, Visual Studio Code, Aseprite, Bfxr

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A fun game and unique take on the theme. I especially like how the soundtrack messes with your rhythm and screws up your shooting(not sure if this was intended). Nice job!


Definitely a good base for game. Could be built on for sure


This is a nice little game, I really like the art! As others have said though it could do with something extra to keep the player motivated as they play.


It is okay. I like that the rhythm indicates when you will be able to shoot. What I do not like is that the game is far too big. It didn't fit my 1380x1024 resolution which is strange. I was playing on a laptop. The other thing I did not like was that there was no way to free my cursor after playing the game. I wanted to click on a button to rate the game and had to refresh the page.

The game is a bit too easy. 


Fun concept! The art was really good too! The game is fun for the first minute or two but it gets stale pretty quickly. I feel like I wish there was some sort of objective to keep me going, and maybe some variety in the speed of the targets. I think this is a good prototype though and I could definitely see this concept worked into a bigger game.


Hi nice entry. I really like the art on the targets, it would be nice to have the HUD designed to the same level of detail. Also I'd like to see a high score (as well as a % of accuracy) with smaller targets worth more points then bigger ones. You could then add in targets that subtract from your score. I wanted to shoot rapidly but the delay on shooting caused frustration when it wouldn't fire at a target only for me to watch the target slide off the screen and watch my % drop. You could add in power up targets that are small which increases your fire rate or gives you better guns. Rapid fire wouldn't make it too easy if you had elements that subtracted from your score if hit. 

Also a way to complete the level like reaching a certain score and a way to die like dropping your percentage below a certain level or something. 

Nicely done for 72 hours though :)


Some of those suggestions like acquiring different guns and actual levels were things I thought I should do but didn't have time to implement since I challenged myself to make this in two hours including the art. I was also unhappy with the fixed shooting cooldown as a mechanic but some other things I tried like automatically reloading every frame felt too easy (lead to spam clicking being too strong).

I really like your suggestions of powerups and harmful targets, I didn't even consider those things. If I ever add to the game these are definitely going in.

Thanks for playing!