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Some of those suggestions like acquiring different guns and actual levels were things I thought I should do but didn't have time to implement since I challenged myself to make this in two hours including the art. I was also unhappy with the fixed shooting cooldown as a mechanic but some other things I tried like automatically reloading every frame felt too easy (lead to spam clicking being too strong).

I really like your suggestions of powerups and harmful targets, I didn't even consider those things. If I ever add to the game these are definitely going in.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing.

Thanks for playing. It was probably hard, it's something I heard from others too, so don't feel bad.

There's a level selector in the main menu if you want to skip any levels.

That really means a lot to me. I spent quite awhile arranging details so it wouldn't just be a bunch of boring platforms with nothing surrounding them. And Zero Kirai did really well with the tileset and animations that went into those levels (as well as the menus), they feel very organic for 16x16 squares. Since you mentioned the bookshelves specifically, in hindsight I wish I added some kind of interaction with them, like lore you could read, but I did not think of that until just now.

This concept could make for some really neat puzzles. I think the character movement could be toned down, currently you just go flying across the screen when you jump forward. Sound effects would also improve the game feel.

Sure, add me on Discord (Spooky#0803). There you can send me art assets and design ideas/documents and I can work on implementing them.

I'm interested in coding for this jam if anyone is looking for a programmer.

Thanks, I'm not really well practiced at making art so it means a lot.

I can agree with that, a puzzle game probably would have been better.

If I had more time I definitely would have improved the spawn AI, it could have used some work. Currently it just spawns enemies in random parts of a donut shape around the player, which is good because things will never spawn too close or too far, but it should definitely be improved to only spawn things inside the arena. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for taking the time to play it!

This is one of my favorite games of the jam aesthetically. You really nailed the immersion with the mild electrical hum and the camera tracking on the cursor.

There are some text rendering issues while the camera is moving that could make it hard for those with poor sight to read.

Enjoyed the writing a lot.

I think this concept could make for a really engaging platformer. I like the whole feel of having to think about how you will cycle before you jump.

Since there are only three colors though I would recommend using two keys for cycle to next color and cycle to previous color, this way you don't have to use both mouse and keyboard and the slow motion mechanic becomes unnecessary. This along with a timer would make the game more speedrunable so it has replay value.

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I enjoyed the music, palette, and gameplay loop. The sound effects were excellent.

Would be cool maybe if the runes had different attributes to make the gameplay feel different from rune to rune. Though maybe that would be too evil because it would be harder to get a feel for launching the runes. Hard mode maybe?

The palette was fresh af and the controls felt smooth. The game over screen looks great.

The game could use some pathfinding for the enemies, they tend to get stuck on obstacles a lot. Also I'm not sure if the orange guys are supposed to be killable but if they are there is no feedback of them being injured.

Excellent aesthetic. The concept is cool as well. I would be interested to see what more complex levels would look like.

It can be hard getting a feel for the energy behind collisions between you and the hero.