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Long ago, the humans defeated the purple ogre. In its fortress, the red and blue ogres were born. Defend them!
Submitted by ldd (@_ldd) — 22 minutes, 10 seconds before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#14.1824.182

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
just me. @_ldd, my dog helped =D

Software used
phaser, vscode, Tiled

Cookies eaten
1 bowl of cie cream

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Good jazzy music and I liked the graphic assets used. I’ve tried Phaser but never gotten too far… I like that it went fullscreen on startup. Very interesting restriction… I only got to level 5, but I feel like I could go much farther if I always kept the two ogres together and got used to the movement. But it would feel like cheating, probably. You could use some of the free space outside the fortress to explain the pickup effects. Overall, good job.


I do not know if I was playing the game wrong or something.. But I could not reach the yellow items needed to defeat the enemies. Sometimes it was impossible to reach by either character and I had to reset and lose 5hp. This resulted in me losing before the game really even started. Nice idea though!


umm was this maybe on level 5+?

That may make some sense. I think I tried to restrict movement too fast, and without a good way of resetting positions when dudes got stuck. 

Anyways, thanks for playing!


The art for this game is neat! Maybe a different kind of bgm would fit better with the art style of the game :D


More retro, right? I considered it, but I had no time left.

Maybe next time!


Very cool concept! A short, sharp curve in learning, and a long, gradual curve to mastery. The art is fun and easy to read, and the music kept me from getting stressed out too much. I can't imagine how this would play if it had different music haha! I know this is just a jam game, but I'd be interested to see how this play style would pan out with different demons, extra abilities, and maybe even an "adventure" mode.


oh! Thanks so much!

I have no plans on expanding this game right now, but my long-term project is based off my last mini-jam entry, so you never know!


The controls were a bit wonky but other than that, I love it!



And yeah... with more time I guess I could have fixed some issues!


The game's really fun, and I like the color palette you went with! It really blends together well :)


Thanks for noticing!


I'm pretty sure you're allowed hotfixes after the deadline. I don't think anyone is gonna get mad at you for fixing the music. :)


Right on. All is fixed and playable now.


Loved the concept, though I did manage to get soft-locked once or twice on level five. Nice use of assets, although the music seemed really glitchy and out of place, and also didn't match the cited music?

Developer (1 edit)

you can press R to unsoft-lock yourself at the price of 5HP

and I used the wrong track. I think I'll fix that ASAP, hopefully people give me some leeway on last-minute submission woes


I remember playing one of your WIPs and getting super overwhelmed back then XD This game has a really interesting mechanic! I loved playing it. It gets difficult with time! You can get stuck though, when you get pushed to a perpendicular corner :(


Yes, this is why I implemented a soft reset at around 11PM. it is nowhere to be found, but I added it to the description of the game.

Anyways, if you press R you should be able to reset the position of the ogres


Nice, thanks! Also, I forgot to mention, but I feel like the music keeps playing over itself? Not sure if that was intentional.


wow. well, it's a last minute bug that... I'll address in the post-jam version?

Nothing to do, it is an honest mistake from adding music on a PC with no audio. =(