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Great pack! What font are you using?

WOW. I had no ise such an excellent kirby game existed! I just saw a couple of gameplay videos. I now know what to do next weekend :D

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I’m glad I ended up #166 overall and #57 in innovation!

How did you guys do? Are you happy with the results?

There were a TON of entries, so don’t worry too much about your score. This was a lot of fun!

And while we are at it, make sure to follow me on twitter:


Finally, I am making a game!

Necromancer’s gift

If you like pokemon nuzlocke, you should join the discord. A demo will be released soon!

This is pretty good!

If you ever do a second batch, consider playing mine:

wow. I’m so glad I made it to the TOP 10 in position #7. I personally find what you’ve done to be so interesting and it drew a smile on my face.

I tried to point out, in as much detail as I could, what I liked and didn’t like about each game, and although I got a couple of generic comments on my game, I am very thankful for the people that left very precise and actionable feedback.

My Top 7 result here feels great. Thanks for validating those of us who took some time to play each and every game that we could.

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I am waiting for the end of the jam (in 5 days! to upload to but in the meantime, here’s an executable for windows on dropbox:

(just download the zip, unzip and double click on re-wand.exe)

Absolutely! It is right now locked because it was a JAM submission, but in about a week, I’ll have the next update AND a windows and mac versions available. If you cannot wait until then, I can try making a link available on… dropbox?

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Thanks for doing this. If you can, don't forget to play mine :D

The graphics are on point!

Trapping enemies was a blast, and getting trapped... something I shouldn't talk about.

Overall, pretty fun ;D

wow. Level 4 was pretty hard, but the level design on level 3 and before was spot on.

The small animations on the orange blob really helped sell the game and the art is crispy, and interesting.

I think you delivered on a good set of puzzles to solve, and I'm glad I got to play it. Btw, this game fits the theme very nicely while not being too repetitive.

Great work!

Thanks everyone for viewing and playing my game! Over 400 views, top 5 submission in at some point during Sunday, and great comments!

I no longer need ratings, but I wanna GIVE BACK to this awesome community. So if you have  a game with low ratings, let me know. I'll play it. BEST PART? You don't have to play my game.

But you found it and use it, so that's ok :D

Art, sound and atmosphere are excellent, and more importantly, the developer took time out of their day to release a lower-end version for slower PCs.

That in itself, shows a commitment that most people lack. Thanks a TON for your hard work!

great sense of level design, awesome use of art and music and interesting call to adventure text.

I had lots of fun playing it!

I'm so glad you used the color idea I gave. It makes everything much easier to understand!

And as I said before, prettty cool game!

Didn't you submit this to the jam? Anyways, It's a great game and I love the art and the music. I couldn't get too far though.

Thanks for making music for my game!

I used them for my gameJAM entry here:

It is a card-game with roguelike elements and a cool rewind mechanic.

thanks! and thank you for mentioning those two games. they seem really interesting!

yup! absollutely intended to finish hard mode. also, you can get infinite MP AND HP by picking the dreamcatcher and the nautilus shell.

Thanks so much for liking my game!

Thanks! is that a duck as your icon? That's so cool!

Thank you! you are very kind

yes, it's intended. There are also rewards to get infinite mana that, with a nautilus let's you get infinite health too... which is needed for level 10 on hard mode. 

Oh, and there's a soft cap of 99 for money, but I plan on adding a reward to remove it and let you probably also get infinite money.

Thanks for playing it!

To which level did you get to?

I love you anyways !

No problem. I should have used rewind more effectively in the lower levels.

I've clarified that rewinding is more useful the farther you get into the game.

Anyways, thanks for playing it!

I was initially suprised by that, but now I see that you need to get to level 7-8 for rewinding to really hit close to home and see that it is necessary to win easy mode.

Oh well, my rebalancing had the opposite effect of what I intended it to do.

You win some and lose some I guess?

? I think you didn't get to play the later levels, but rewinding is not undoing.

sometimes you have to purposely lose a lot of health and position yourself so that rewinding heals you more than what you lose in a  chain.
In fact, on hard mode, it is impossible to progress without carefully settings things up to go back and replenish your mana...

I've been playing every single game people have sent over. I'll take a break now, but I'll be back in a couple of hours or so.

Also, thanks everyone for playing, rating my game and being awesome.


I can 100% back Sarvi Games.

They are awesome and give great feedback. Continue doing good work!


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Ah windows 95, old pal, we meet again.

10/10 for nostalgia alone. we also used the same composer, who would've thought?

I got a couple of keys. and the mechanic of having BULLETS rewind is pretty good!

I wish there were health potions though.

But overall, SUPER FUN and ADDICTIVE game :D

I'm terribly sorry but I wasn't able to return the meat to the old man :(

I tried to undo but I couldn't reach him.

Ah... awesome art, and great dialog, but I wasn't able to progress too far.

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I didn't complete the game, but THANKS a MILLION for a proper step-by-step tutorial. 

I dunno if people would like that, but I am so glad you made that. It made everything click, eventually.

Also, the game is awesome and has lots of mechanics. Which are explained really well :D

I was going to reply "mana seems to run out all the time"

But then I revisited the game and OMG I am so dumb. You can click and click again to stop consuming mana.

Nevermind my earlier comment.

Also, your game is awesome and the level design is on point. Level design is usually so hard . Ahhh

woah! losing my job for one tiny mistake... well, 3, is pretty harsh xD

But honestly, I like it. I don't usualy like news, but I liked this game ABOUT the news :D

Insanely cool graphics, and story

I think you'd enjoy this anime: Death parade

I was able to play the web version. 

I love chocolate milk, this game, and how the colour palette reminded me of chocolate milk.


Incredibly fast-faced action! good effects, too.

But really, making respawn so quick makes this game run like butter. I love butter.