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Submitted by Reeds (@jjredux) — 1 hour, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Reeds (J Jackson)

Software used
Unity, Audacity, Reaper, PS, Blender

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Some things that can be improved:

  • The cave at the beginning could lead to the river, too, as visiting it occurred to be a waste of time. If it had some story, then I didn't get it X(
  • The column that leads to the dragon's head could have a large bevel or a breakaway at the end to ease the climbing. I almost gave up as I couldn't get to the top of the pillar and thought that visiting this vista was a wrong way, but thankfully I hopped not in the void but on a correct boulder.
  • Jumping into a random canyon (that is after the dragon's head) looks wrong. Simple stairs could remove this confusion and tell a player that going there is the right way.
  • Lamps could be placed in a more meaningful way, making breadcrumbs that don't let the player to get lost.
  • Though it is quite extra for a jam game, but having a FOV adjust would be a good addition. I feel bad at default 60°, I get lost easily at anything below 110° Xd
  • Vines at the river don't provide any feedback and made me just pull them quickly in random order. Glyphs near them could be used as hints, especially the eye. For now, eyes don't guide you, they are misleading :(
  • I also noticed a flying shrub in the starting cave.

TL;DR: Navigation is vital! And feedback is as well.

In any way, it was a neat calm experience. It's a pity that a crappy project took away (probably by illegal means) your 1st place. (And my 5th, welp.) I suppose that you planned something more awesome behind the final door and I understand that making 3D games is a hard work that requires more time investments than 2D ones, but polishing it and adding a bit more of a story will result into a really cool game in your portfolio. So... never give up na na na XD

Though I missed the voting period of the jam, you have my ★★★★★ at the project's page.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey, thanks so much for all the feedback! A couple people ran into the same issue with the vines, but that's because I didn't make it clear that the answer was in the cave (the stick runes showed the order that the vines needed to be pulled in). I assumed the player would see the eye on the cave and by the river and make a connection, but I only later realized that most people wouldn't do a 180 before moving down to the river (makes, sense, why would you?). 

 Originally, I was really confused when you mentioned a canyon, as I didn't remember putting one in, but then I realized that you broke the game haha. There was (spoilers) actually a switch you pull to create a doorway that was accessible from the ground (which you get a map to by climbing the tree). I definitely agree with the lamp suggestion; I used them to try to lead the player up the tree, but neglected them until the end. Looking at the project file, there is indeed a flying shrub. Whoops, thanks for the heads up.

Again thank you for the feedback, I'm always looking to improve!

(By the way, I really enjoyed Welcome to the Void, I even sent it to my brother to play. Gameplay felt very clean)

but then I realized that you broke the game

Niiice XD

Regarding the lamps and breadcrumbs, a different-colored stone path could lead to some interesting places and the switch. Some composition of rocks that bend one's attention to some point could be a good choice too. I went to the top of a pillar because a glance on the desert around me revealed nothing interesting: there were just sand dunes all around me.

I also recommend you to watch some GDC talks about level design, e.g. this one about interior design, or this one. There are much more, actually, but can't find the best of the best :D


Looks and sounds great!

Maybe I'm dumb, but I didn't find anything to interact with. Nothing responded to my middle clicks.


Thanks for the feedback! I recommend you check out the vines by the water :)


Sure. After I play the other 60 games from the jam.


Very well made game! I did complete it. But to be honest, I was mostly messing around with the collision, and trying to get out of bounds. :P


thanks for playing! (There are a couple places where you can  break the game haha)


Super well realized, the controls work surprisingly well!

(I want MOOOREE!)


Thank you so much!


Best game ever. Would recommend 10/10.