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Will you help her Fix the Game???
Submitted by EightBlackey (@EightBlackey) — 3 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Metaness Quality#273.7634.091
Uniqueness of Metaness#363.4293.727
Gameplay Innovation#432.8433.091

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Relevant Metaness Categories

Breaks the Fourth Wall
About Games Development
About Gaming Culture
Genre Deconstruction
Game Mechanic Deconstruction
Specific Game Parody
External Interaction

How is your game meta (within each relevant category)?
It's not about a character that is self aware and talks directly to the player or how fast you can click before your fingers bleeds.

It's not about the errors that make us want to kill our computers or the cheat codes that we use in order to skip tons of hours of repetitive gameplay.

It's not about the same thing over and over or the Iconic characters that make an special appearance in other games.

It's a game about the players and the choices they made, what kind of consequences they would have, and how they play their role along in the charade till they reach the end...

The only thing that I wouldn't call as accurate as a 100% critical hit would be the Specific Game Parody and describe it in a better way as an Indirect Game Parody of Undertale.

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
Nothing to declare, except maybe that all the animations, sounds and scripts were all made by me from scratch during the game jam period.

How many members in your team?

Team of 1

Anything you want to say to players before they play?
First of all this is the Ultimate Point-and-Click experience that needs mouse pro skills in order to finish the game ^.^

Nah, just kidding, but you really, really, REALLY are going to need that little mousy thing that makes a clicking sound in order to progress through the game (and laptop's mouse pads do count as mouse). Otherwise you won't be able to continue and get stuck forever in the uncertainty of the Void.

I really recommend you to input the little cheat code provided within the physical disk that the seagull left at your window, and if you don't see that disk it would only mean that the seagull got lost along the way.

Don't forget to unlock all the endings so you can get the best experience of the game itself :D

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who is the artist and where can i find him? i really like elaine's design.


Thank you so much!!! Im really glad that you like her design. Btw Im the artist responsible of her existence :D


Really liked how cool and weird this was -her animation was really nice and smooth too!  Great art!  The writing was fun and kinda creepy -esp her personality lol -awesome work! :D


This was really neat, I liked that there were multiple endings!  That's awesome!  Animations were good.  I was hoping for more, but hey, we're limited in time.  I was confused on the secret code... I couldn't get anything to happen, I think I'm dumb.

Overall, great work!


Very smooth and professional looking animation - curious to know how that was achieved! Yes it captured a bit of that Undertale feel, although I was kind of hoping for more gameplay. Pretty meta stuff and plays with your expectations quite a bit. Could use some way to fast forward the text speed. I think I tried following her instructions to the end, and tried clicking on her until she got annoyed (guess those were the 2 separate endings, apart from using the cheat code?)


Thank you so much for your comment!!!  The animation was hand drawn  in photoshop as well as the sprites and the background. The game is really about deception and how that affects the choices the player makes, focused on expecting the unexpected. The game is a little bit inspired on Undertale's minimalistic style ( I'm really glad you liked the feel of it :3) although it latter changes into something else ;D. I thought on implementing the fast forward function to the text, but because its a short game I didn't considered it to be needed, although I'll try to improve it in a future. And you're right, if you follow her all the way along or you decide to annoy her too much you get the 2  different endings :D

How many endings are there?


there is the bad ending and the maybe not so bad ending


Ok, then I think i got them all :) Was wondering if there was a secret 3rd ending based on the seagull mail.

Developer (1 edit)

Maybe there was supposed to be a Super Secret Ending, but thanks to a clueless seagull *cough* Steve *cough* I don't think that anyone will be able to experience it.