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Spamming you everywhere :P 


How much iteration would you say you did before you settled on the game play mechanics you did?

(how do I unlock colors? Or alternatively, how can I stop the seemingly random dying in the tower?)

I got the maze, got two pages from it. Got to the tower game. (no idea what happens next, but I know there's more as I caught part of TigerJ's stream)

6/6 More please.

S.O.S. (I got stuck and had no idea what to do next)

6/6 Thanks I hate it.

Any place we can find the music from the game?

Ok, then I think i got them all :) Was wondering if there was a secret 3rd ending based on the seagull mail.

How many endings are there?

Can't tell if errors are unintended, or part of the meta.......

85, but I think you'll beat it :)

Tip for people.

Hold the buttons (arrow keys). 

Pressing them early doesn't matter (as far as I can tell). Just change which arrow you are pressing between drum hits. Don't try to time it to the beat.

Over 50% through all the submissions and this is my fav so far.

Really like this. Reminds me of a single player Spy Party.

Wow, nice procedural level generation.

Really like the gameplay. The NPCs sorta guide you and show you how to perform tricks.

Then I I got sad.

Great work, really enjoyed your take on the movie scene. Even though this submission is simple, I can see how it better fits the scene, and also how you could make it more level based if you ever wanted to diverge from the movie scene.

Not a problem, I'll give it another go tomorrow.

Could you post a list of the commands the parser accepts? The only one I could figure out was "Camp"