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Son of a BreachView game page

protect the castle from goblins with swords and sorcery
Submitted by momill — 14 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline

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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#1064.1434.143

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice start. I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)


It was a little unclear what I was supposed to be doing, but the concept definitely has potential. I liked the "job change" mechanic & random map generation.

A minor criticism: caps lock was an odd choice for the map button! But also it behaved strangely: pushing caps lock once made the map flash repeatedly (alternating with the main game view), pushing it again made it show just the map, pushing it again made it flash some more, and then pushing it a 4th time returned the game to normal. This could be something to do with the way caps lock works on Macs (no idea; guessing), but I feel like it wasn't supposed to do that.


Max, thanks for the comment! Unfortunately I didn't get to test on a Mac, so I didn't know about that weird behavior. My inspiration for the project was Fat Princess for Playstation 3. I'm hoping to finish out the concept into a multiplayer game and fix the bugs. Feel free to follow this and other projects on twitter @JeffCodeblum or check out my site Thanks again!


I love character flashing. Really adds to the feeling and is very space efficient. Would have been a good idea to use in my game as well.


It's  a cool little game. Sometime I spawn not near the castle and without a map it's difficult to find it. 
Reminds me of the game "Realm of the Mad God". Keep up the good work!


Use caps lock to toggle the map view. Thanks for the comment. I'm hoping to finish the online multiplayer arena version in the future.


Hi, the game idea was nice but unfortunately the game haven't been completed on time. The scaling of the game makes all the image foggy, there's no music or audio and it is not clear what to do. Monsters also pop out just next to the castle so it is hard to defend it properly. Let me know what I have to do (maybe write more details in the description and I will be happy to give it another go :-)

I think you have been too busy with your everyday things and couldn't give much time for development, that's a shame because a battle arena could have been a nice game.

I am sure you can develop an interesting game giving it a more extended time :-)


Thanks for the comment! A very good assessment. I hope to finish the multiplayer version in the future. Follow me on twitter @JeffCodeblum to stay posted.


Thanks for checking out my game. My goal was to create a multiplayer online battle arena, but I could not finish the multiplayer in time, so here is a single player demo version of the game. I still plan to finish the original concept so stay tuned if you like what you see.