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this is pretty cool!

Max, thanks for the comment! Unfortunately I didn't get to test on a Mac, so I didn't know about that weird behavior. My inspiration for the project was Fat Princess for Playstation 3. I'm hoping to finish out the concept into a multiplayer game and fix the bugs. Feel free to follow this and other projects on twitter @JeffCodeblum or check out my site Thanks again!

Thanks for the comment! A very good assessment. I hope to finish the multiplayer version in the future. Follow me on twitter @JeffCodeblum to stay posted.

Use caps lock to toggle the map view. Thanks for the comment. I'm hoping to finish the online multiplayer arena version in the future.

Nice! Fun and difficult. Did you make the game engine from scratch?

Very cool. I used a cellular automation for map generation in my game Son of a Breach

What are the controls?

What are the controls?

Thanks for checking out my game. My goal was to create a multiplayer online battle arena, but I could not finish the multiplayer in time, so here is a single player demo version of the game. I still plan to finish the original concept so stay tuned if you like what you see.

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So here is the first image of my project. Hope I can finish it in time. Its HTML5/JavaScript with a custom game engine I'm making as I go.


Got some gameplay going. It is hack n slash. I'm planning to add some arrows and magic.


I just submitted Son of a Breach. My original goal was to create a tiny Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, but unfortunately, I couldn't finish the online multiplayer in time for the game jam, so I submitted a single player demo version of Son of a Breach. I still plan to finish implementing all the original features down the road.

This is looking awesome. I loved the first Xenia.

That is really awesome!