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Submitted by JaredLevi — 23 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline

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Jam Host

Note that this feedback is based on the build(s) available at the end of the jam.

C Sharp Sharp appears to be drawing inspiration from N++ , mimicing is minimalist colour palette, character presentation and level style.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with keyboard events being mishandled (holding space will cause the character to behave as though space is being pressed repeatedly), which effectively makes the first level uncompleteable. This problem is present in your other submission as well.

I also had to give +x permissions to the game executable for this one. Typically, for Windows based developers, this is difficult to have control over, but if you're on Linux or MacOS, setting executable permissions with the "chmod" command on the game binary before zipping up the files will make sure that that's good to go on users' computers after they download and extract them.

Without being able to play further, it's difficult to give meaningful feedback, but judging from the screenshots and my impression of the way the game is intended to handle, it's a good start.

Thanks for submitting and best of luck if you decide to continue development! :D


Hmm, the controls are very either confusing or not well implemented/explained. When I hold space (to run) the character starts jumping after (I think) the running animation finishes. I wasn't able to go through the top part of the first level because I didn't understand what was happening :(


Couldn't get the upward wall slide, felt like there wasn't enough time given during this tutorial before the gameover. 

Still, neat game idea, I'd play a more completed version of this!


I liked the simplistic design... but the jumping/running combination was very confusing. I kept running when I intended to jump (I have a tendency to keep my finger pressed on jump). Also, sliding up the wall was not intuitive to me. I either kept getting caught running instead of jumping, or I would end up wall jumping instead of sliding up. With that timer that kills you, I never had the time to get used to the controls. Sadly, I became too frustrated to even get past the tutorial level. Sorry

Loved the music though!


sorry about the controls... I made this game in 2 days.  I spent most of my time on my other game CataBlock