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The death and the vampireView game page

The first day of a reaper!
Submitted by kato-san (@katoconbufanda) — 19 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline

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It's about a reaper who lost her scythe and need find it before a tragedy happen.

Something else?
English it's not my first language so, there's must be some mistakes.
I didn't made music and backgrounds. ( I only assembled backgrounds) I did all other assets.
Game progression is base in conversation and puzzles, 3 different endings!
there is a guide in the file if you get stuck. Have fun!

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I played your game until the time where I could opt to save the vampires, but there was nothing to do in their house, so I think it is where the current version ends?

Very bold of you doing a story driven game with english not being you main language. English is also not my main language, I only noticed one mistake on the text.


  • I liked the overall aesthetic of the game (the rain effect was well done);
  • The setting of the game is pretty unique, playing as a reaper;
  • While the music was a bit on a sad mood for me, I think it fits the game.


  • The story didn't get me hooked, but at the same time I don't think I'm in the audience you are aiming for so it's OK. BUT! I'm also interested in storytelling and if I can give any advice, (not that I'm any expert, but that is the one advice I have) to me the most important thing to do when telling a story is to keep some mistery. Tell just half the story, and keep your audience guessing what happens next. You did that well in a lot of specific segments of the story, like giving hints of where the scythe was, but not explaining exactly what happened, but on the other hand you give too much about the characters: you know exactly what happened to the main character right from the start; when you meet the first character, you discover that he is a vampire right from the first dialog. Anyway, just sharing from what lens I look at things, maybe you can use it...
  • There are a bit too many options of how to interact with things (look, touch, talk, etc.). Adventure/Point and Click games are known for having a lot of trial and error, and having all these options may work against you in that regard (there is no right way of doing stuff though);
  • There was a rule in the jam to have some form of RPG-esque progression system and your game didn't have that (unless I interpreted it wrong). I don't think your game needed that, so whatever.
Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for play my game. If you op to save the vampire, yo need go to their house and look at the people sitting in the table, then, leave the house an scene will started. I hope you finish the game.  There's a guide in the game rar if you get stuck. 

Answering your cons
1-The vampire doesn't need to hide that he is a vampire, you will know why if you finish the game. The problem of the main character must be revealed from the beginning, therefore, there is no motivation for the player to do anything, why should I hide it? I wouldn't play a game if they don't give me a goal.

2-about too many options, its a taste of the player, there's people that has told me that likes game like that ,investigative and have many options, other doesn't like. 

3- the guidelines was:

  1. The player must be able to control a character across a map, be it the hero, a monster or anything else.-the game has it
  2. There has to be some kind of activity that allows for character progression, be it slaying monsters, brewing potions or reading books. -Progression is in base conversacion and investigation, so it has. 
  3. The player must be able to obtain items throughout the game, so your game should have some sort of inventory mechanics or something on that line.- the game has it

About the main character, I was not talking about his motivation. You are right, you need to know his motivation.


I loved the game, good story, and better development of characters and dialogues. I also found a small bug, the game allows you to give the two marbles to the spirit of the forest, I spend this way, and in the end I had to repeat the game since it was impossible to advance without a marble. 


thanks! I'm glad you like it! I will check that bug.