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Timothy and the Tower of Mu (Demo - IGMC 2018)View game page

Hardcore platform/action with RPG elements and a Game Boy feeling made with RPG Maker MV
Submitted by Kibou Entertainment (@KibouEntertainm) — 5 days, 17 hours before the deadline

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Timothy and the Tower of Mu (Demo - IGMC 2018)'s page


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People's Choice Vote#523.5263.526

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Team Members
Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata
Dave "Mishima"
Rebecca "De Winter Rose"

RPG Maker MV

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The premise that I have to do is that this game is an hardcore platform, so the difficulty was designed with this view in mind.

First of all I really like the basic mechanics: the fall damage is good in my opinion because it gives you thefeeling of danger and therefore you have to be careful to make correct jumps. Lately in the game you also acquire the ability to lift and throw objects, this adds a nice puzzle factor.
Making a platform with RPG Maker is not a simple thing, on the contrary, it's incredible the work that was done behind.
Finally I really like the original music, they reminds me of the gameboy era. *_*
One thing that I didn't like is the size of the font. I would have preferred bigger.
Good Job!


Thank you Thund! We will make an awesome game, it's a promise ;)


The graphics for the game are very nice and fit the aesthetic of the retro games it was obviously inspired by. The sound design is also quite nice. I... didn't like how floaty the controls are and there were times I'd fall off a moving platform if I was close to the edge of it.

The lack of a lives system didn't help, either, and the first area started off hard, introducing a lot of different concepts all at once. I'd suggest either removing fall damage completely (as it's inherently unfair) or allowing damage on things that would kill you (like spikes). Having both is a bit much since you're going to be falling a lot of the time and having spikes around to fall on is already enough of a punishment.

The idea of an autoload that Sugar & Spice suggested below would also be great. Having to go through game over and restart over and over again is beyond annoying.

Overall it looks nice and sounds nice but it doesn't play nice (as in, it will kick your ass). RIP Gramps. Forever.


Hey thanks for your gameplay video and for your feedback! We are already working on the game, polishing the gameplay and balancing better everything ;) be ready for the new version! It's going to be definitely better in every sense!


Nice! This would benefit a lot from a lives system/retry/autoload, particularly with so many chances for instant death. To be honest, I'll never quite get over the TM plugin's jump-while-falling thing... It always feels like cheating, lol.


Hey thanks! :D yes we are definitely going to put something that allows you to "instant retry" from last save point or similar things in the complete version! And DO that jump while mid-air haha :D it's fun!


(Reposting from my reply on the RPG Maker forums)

What I Liked:

The presentation. This is a dayum slick game, with killer 8 bit music, and a great Gameboy aesthetic. The title screen art is fantastic, and the boss monster is visually very impressive.
The world. The Tower of Mu is a really cool concept, with you encountering a bunch of people who have given up on the way. My favourite are the Pig People that tried to climb the tower to revert back to their original forms, but gave up because their "king" decided it was better for them to stay put so he could rule. So keen on that.
The design. It was obvious that you'd taken a lot of time to figure out how your systems could best interact, and each room presented a different puzzle. And it boggles me still that this was made with RPG Maker. It goes to show that we're not limited to the constraints of our engine.

What I didn't:

The HP bar. As far as I can see, its only use is to indicate fall damage, which I will get to. The problem is that it's rendered useless by the hazards placed around that game. Now, I see where you're going with this, with your "hardcore" design philosophy, but it means that the player is given a meter for a single system that doesn't carry over to the rest of the game. Traps and hazards, I can understand as one-shot kills. But the monsters around (especially when it comes to the boss) are destructible, and respawn wherever they were killed, thus leading to points when I'm trying to jump up on a platform and suddenly this bird respawns and one-shots me, which seems less "difficult" and more "unfair".
Fall damage. I have no problem with this as a concept, but at times it felt wildly inconsistent. I could fall into a side hole slightly lower than the one I was meant to, and end up taking fall damage, even though earlier I fell onto a roof slightly off-screen and was fine. Some tweaking, maybe increasing the amount you have to fall to take damage, and this could be a good system, forcing people to stop and think more.
Sliding. So when you land on a platform, there's always a little bit of "slide". This is became the bane of my existence when it came to the fiddlier platforming sections, as I would land perfectly on the platform, and then slide off. Perhaps making it so you slide after dashing, but not after a regular jump, could mitigate this.


A great start for a game that uses an engine unconventionally, with an already strong sense of style and world, but definitely needs more refining to make the game difficult without seeming unfair.

Best of luck! 

- Catog


Thank you for your nice feedback Catog (again! :D)

We will work hard to make the complete game and to polish every bad gameplay feature ;)


I recommend you not use that asset pack again. Those graphics are blatant rip-offs of the legend of zelda games, to the point where they could be considered copyright infringement. Other than that, you really shouldn't make the player go through a fall that requires taking damage unless there's a plot reason of some sort. I'm not even sure why a game with instant death spikes would have fall damage.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for your feedback! Actually we searched a lot about that asset pack and we found it's totally legit BUT, as this is a prototype, we are more than ready to change tiles and everything to our needs after the contest is finished before delivering the final game.  Also, we reworked a lot of things: the boss sprite is 100% made by us, same as some tiles, deco elements, animated stars/water and so on, same with musics (except for a free-to-use one). About the gameplay: the game is intentionally made to be "hardcore" and punitive. Of course we can fix and balance everything later, but we choose to apply fall damage to make this game hard and for skilled players.


Good game, needs polishing but it's certainly a unique take on the RPGMAKER formula.


I had a lot of fun playing this! A good challenge - haven't gotten to the end yet and had to stop due to frustration (it's that good kind of frustration though). One thing I would like to see is an auto-load of your save file after you die, that'd just be a nice convenience thing. Also I am very impressed with how you utilized the RMMV engine to create this! Seriously good work!

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thank you very much! It's of course very difficult on purpose, but with patience, skill and determination you can definitely win! You're totally right with the auto-load and we will implement that for sure after the contest! :) RPG Maker MV can make a lot of good things if we try to break its limits as you can see :) thank you for playing and let us know if you finish the demo!