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Thanks so much~

I've tried it in a new project as well as an older one with the same result. The sample projects also do the same for me, actually.

Hi, been messing around with this and I can't figure out a way to get the "Continue" option on the title screen faded when there's no save file (like it is by default). I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Any ideas?

I really appreciate the in-depth review, Jester! I agree with a lot of criticism. Thanks for taking the time to go through in detail.

I hope you'll try it again after I'm able to update the game!

Right at the top it says, "Rated by 281 people so far".

Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

Thanks, man! That means a lot.

Thanks very much! I appreciate it. :)

Good to know!

In my case, I didn't have any new downloads OR  page views, I also didn't have any referral links showing up from youtube. So I'm leaning towards those overnight ratings being illegitimate, lol.

Yeah, it seems like they've been aware of the problem. Hopefully they won't have trouble removing fake votes from the totals (and banning the person/people responsible, obviously).

I enjoyed this game quite a bit! It's a shame that it has so few ratings.

Very pretty maps (despite lots of invisible walls... please block them off! lol). The battle system's interesting and something you don't see used often. In theory, I think I'd enjoy it, but it ends up feeling like kind of a drag in the execution. Something to make it more dynamic would help I think, rather than simply speeding it up. The number of skills all at once at the beginning felt a bit overwhelming. It makes it a little difficult to remember what you used before and how effective/ineffective it was. I ended up with the same lag issues that others mentioned.

It seems like a lot of time was spent on presenting it nicely (and it IS very nice to look at and listen to), and hopefully the other stuff will receive the same level of attention eventually.

Thanks for the detailed review and the video!

I'm still working on mitigating control issues in the meantime, hopefully you'll give it another spin when it's updated.

I'm happy to know it feels authentic, if nothing else. :D Thanks for playing!

Nice! This would benefit a lot from a lives system/retry/autoload, particularly with so many chances for instant death. To be honest, I'll never quite get over the TM plugin's jump-while-falling thing... It always feels like cheating, lol.

Great job on this. Solid dose of nostalgia with cool music (as to be expected). Felt a bit fast, and controls took getting used to, but after an adjustment period with dozens of deaths, it was a lot of  fun.

This game is on Steam. It has a news post from September 22 and a review posted on October 3. Seriously?

Thanks! Great to hear that.

Very cute game, but it's a shame it's still using the TinierMe graphics. I was hoping they would have been removed before the competition. :/

Don't worry about it! It guess it is kind of funny to be 'cranky' with that avatar though. XD

Yeah, it would be nice to have some more custom 'aiming' methods in the full version (there's the scaling, the side to side, and the button mash attacks at the moment).

I appreciate the feedback! Thanks for trying it out.

I appreciate it! Thanks for playing 

Thanks very much!

Much appreciated!

Haha, I dunno, the competition is pretty fierce! I'm glad you had fun!


Super cute! I could totally see renting this from Blockbuster and chilling for a weekend with the PS2.

Thanks a bunch!

I'm really glad you had fun with it!

Thanks for the comments, anomrac!
The music was pre-made, not by me. You can find links to the musicians in the GAME_CREDITS.txt file. 

Thanks a ton, Trey!
I tried my best to do something about the moving platforms, but eventually just had to chalk it up to 'engine trouble'. :( Sorry about that. Hopefully I can do something about it in the future.

I've been trying to get some last-minute testing and assets in there before I put up the download, so please check back on the 29th (the day when things get crazy).

The contest entry's already an 'official release'. The rules say you can only use assets you have the right to use. If you didn't acquire the rights to use that music, you can't use it. i.e. Ripped music from another game is right out.

Wow, thanks for all the feedback!
Unfortunately, it was one of those situations where time simply ran out on us. No excuses, other than we didn't get things finished in time (including time for testing and simply having a way to access cutscenes, etc).

We're planning to upload a new version after the voting period is over, so hopefully you will be willing to give it a second chance then. :)