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An infamous wizard needs help running his household while he's busy plotting his revenge.
Submitted by Sugar & Spice (@morphinerx) — 5 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

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  • This was such a great idea but it looks like this initial version was definitely not ready in time for the contest deadline. At the end of the first day, the dark lord went to bed and never woke up. I didn’t think my cooking was THAT bad. I liked the gameplay because it made you sympathize with real maids (can he please just put his books back on the shelf?). I also wasn’t sure why the clock kept going after he went to sleep since there wasn’t anything left to do. The manor looks great although there were a lot of graphical errors with characters going through objects, being obscured by them, etc. I know a month is a short time, I hope you’ll keep working on this now that the contest is over.

    Score: 48/80

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This game looks (and sounds) so promising.. But the graphical issues I've seen made this kind of disappointing. The maps looked really good but there was so many clipping problems. A few times the Lord of the house would be missing half of his body (like when he was 'sitting' in his throne or in the couch') and 90% of the time our characters could be seen between the walls and furniture too.. you really need to fix that. lol
The tasks were fun to do, cleaning around the house and especially cooking, I would love some sort of options for what you are going to cook for our Lord. ;) And maybe you could make a sort checklist (or a quest book type thing) for the tasks you have to complete during the day? My Lord was really mad at me because I forgot to clean the library! T^T
The guest coming to visit was pretty cool.. though he was pretty much left unattended as he was pretty much ignored by the Lord of the house and I couldn't really do anything for him. 
I'm not sure too but.. we can't sleep? I kept expecting some sort of signal that it was time to sleep or just a sort of screen blackout to signal another day.. lol 
As a plus.. well.. The introduction was so good but after we are in the house there's not much communication going on between the characters, and consider adding some sort of interaction to the objects in the maps too, I would love to hear the thoughts of our lovely maid/butler about the Lord of the house and what they think about their room and the messy state of the house, etc.. :)

Overall: I really like the concept of the game, but there's a few things to fix. The game looks promising though. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on any updates you might make to it. 
Good luck with the contest! ^^


Barely playable in current state, but has a lot of potential. Please, keep working on this game!


I absolutely adore the artwork! The characters, sprites and tiles are so charming and well done! However, I felt let down by the lack of polish in other areas of this game.

To start, I wasn't really sure which version to download. I started with proto2, and after playing the first day decided to swap to the previous file to see if I'd gone with the wrong one.

There's a lot of graphical errors. Some things just clip over the character when they shouldn't, and there are places where you can accidentally walk through walls/bookcases etc. You've put so much effort into the artwork, and it was such a shame to find that it didn't work correctly. I'm not sure how you're making the maps, but you might want to look into a tall sprite fix for tiles, a more recent parallax plugin or trying Yanfly's doodads. The nighttime overlay looks really nice though.

The minimal writing I saw was really fun. I went with Adrian since he was such a cutie XD. It was a shame your textbox covered up the nice portraits you do. I'd recommend using a preloader plugin to prevent the art from flickering the first time it's loaded. 

The gameplay itself, I wasn't really sure about. There was enough that I could figure out what to do, however on my first run I completely missed breakfast and only found out about it when I was told off later. It would have been helpful to have more idea about schedules. The second time I played it, I made breakfast first and got that cute cutscene, which I felt quite sad to have missed the first time.

The visitor to the house can be walked straight through, and he does seem to be stood around for a long time. On my first play, the cutscene where Zalen talks to him happened as I was in the garden, so I felt like I might have been missing out on some movement. I went to watch it the second time, only to find that Zalen walks into his chair and disappears. 

The time system works a little strangely. There are some points where I just had nothing to do, so perhaps a way to skip ahead would be good. I think you really need to have a way to pause the game as well, even if it's just to a screen that says 'paused' instead of a menu. Occasionally I did notice tasks in the kitchen vanishing without me doing them, and once I had to make food to have the other tasks like cleaning the floor accessible again (although the dirt was still there, the bubble above it temporarily vanished.)

We don't sleep at night, so I just wandered around. It's hilarious that Zalen sleeps face down haha. By day 2 I was extremely fed up of the music. There were enough issues that I decided not to continue playing, but only because I'd like to wait to see if fixes and improvements will be made. :)


Wow, thanks for all the feedback!
Unfortunately, it was one of those situations where time simply ran out on us. No excuses, other than we didn't get things finished in time (including time for testing and simply having a way to access cutscenes, etc).

We're planning to upload a new version after the voting period is over, so hopefully you will be willing to give it a second chance then. :)