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Question about music in project?

A topic by DinoGuy007 created Nov 21, 2018 Views: 205 Replies: 4
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I’m a one person team for my project, and the thing i been having trouble with is the soundtrack.

I’m using rpg maker mv for my game, but the music it came with is not really fitted for my game as the game takes place in the future and the first few missions (in the demo) takes place in the middle east. The only music making software i have is “garage band”, it kinda has what i need with the middle eastern sounds but i’m having trouble with making the music itself. So far with my project i’m temporarily using music from the game ‘Battlefield 2 Modern Combat.”  (Of course the music will not be in the official release, just only for the game jam.)

So my question is….

Can we use music from other games\movies or "free to use" music to use in our project as long as we credit the composer and where the music was originally used in?

I believe that falls within the rule s of free assests but would be nice to have an admin confirm

The contest entry's already an 'official release'. The rules say you can only use assets you have the right to use. If you didn't acquire the rights to use that music, you can't use it. i.e. Ripped music from another game is right out.

You have to have the rights to use the music.

Dang, ok. Thanks for the replies everyone.