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Missed deadline due to upload time longer than expected Locked

A topic by Linaiz created Aug 22, 2020 Views: 354 Replies: 18
This topic was locked by SideFX Aug 22, 2020

Locking this thread because the grace period for late submissions has ended. Better luck next time!

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My team missed the deadline by a couple of minutes, we were already uploading when the deadline passed. We went to the discord server and found few other people in the same unfortunate situation.
It was our first game jam, is there any possibility to contact anyone and still submit? We spent whole week working on it and it's a bummer to end like this.


Similar issue, I finished uploading to itch before the deadline, but realized 23 seconds too late that you had to also go back to the jam page to finish the submission. Is there a way to still get the game submitted?


Yeah, same happened to me here. That submission flow is very odd. It seems like you should be able to link a project to a game jam, so that any uploads you have done or in progress at the time of the deadline get submitted to that jam.


the same thing happened here, we finished to submit in itch  but  after few seconds the game doesn't apppear so I am not pretty sure if our game is submitted.



same i have 200kb/s internet and after 3 Hours of uploading i still couldn't upload the final build nor the .hip files

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Same here, missed by a minute.

I have no problem having my submission being removed from the judging process since I missed the deadline but it's a bit of a shame not to have the game featured among the list of submissions.

Edit after Ben's answer:


Ok, we'll allow a grace period. Get your game up on Itch and post the link in this thread. Midnight tonight PST will be the final deadline.

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Not changing the game - but here is a link to the HIP file that was missing from the zip archive for CinapTond. can be found here:

Video explaining how I used Houdini: 


Thanks @SideFX!

Here's my game:


Thank you!


Here is my game:


Thank you for hosting an amazing game jam! Really excited to see what everyone created.

Here is my submission:


thank you alot @SideFX


It looks like your game was submitted on time. I see it in the Houdini Game Jam games and it's able to be judged.

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Just woke up and saw grace period, hopefully you can add this.

Thanks in advance.


We wanted to share our work with the community somehow after the deadline , and we found this thread. Thank you in advance, we had a lot of fun. 

Dont get caught. Browser game for HGJ2020

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It looks like Itch has a way to add games that missed the deadline to the game jam. Complete the following steps soon to have your game added to Houdini Game Jam.

1. Add the following questions and their answers to your game's description on Itch:

-Team Name

-Game Name

-Contact person name and email address

-How was Houdini used in your game's development?

-Besides Houdini, what other tools did you use and what did you use them for?

-List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.

2. Send me an email at ben [at] sidefx [dot] com that includes your game's Itch link. I will reply with a custom URL to use to add your game to Houdini Game Jam.

For reference, these are the games that are being accepted during the grace period. No other game entries will be accepted.

mercho2000 -

atnx - 

qedseung -

Linaiz -

jlankitus -

MoodyBear -

Insidias -

suzu8 -

manas16 -

Host locked this topic