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Run out of airView game page

run out of air, try to survive
Submitted by Shaggy Fires — 9 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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I was alone ^^ .

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I feel like it takes too long to actually run out of air, without doing anything the player can last for 2 minutes, if that was cut down it would get the message across better.


What Fenderbate said down there. Anyway, credits to you, that was kinda feels, something that we don't usually see in short time jam games. And pretty nice soundtrack.


Thanks to take your time to comment ^^ .


It has some story and good music but other then that... meh. :/

if you gave some kind of goal other than going from "airbuble to airbubble" it could've been a good game. (if I'm missing something please tell me)


Yes I know, the goal is to survive as long as possible , I have some problems in my personal life :/ , so I didn't have the time to do the game that i wanted.
Sorry if it's a bit borring , I will do better for the next time ;p .
PS :
1) it's my first jam with 3 day ( I did a jam with 2 days but it's was not really a game :p )
2) I'm alone ( happy that people do music because without is insane xD )
So thanks to take your time for play and comment my game :p .

Have a nice day/night , ShaggyFires .


I'm sure you'll do better next time. I had some issues with my game too given that this was my first real jam too. (did another one in school but it was only 8 hours) Next time try to team up with an artist (look for conversations before a jam or check out that crowdforge thingy) and i'm sure you'll do beter. Oh and also don't forget to never give up because your games will get a lot better with time (you probably heard this a lot but I still hope it gives some encouragement :D)


yes thanks a lot :p , I did better than this :p , and as you say : never give up ;p .
PS : I have made other jams :D , I stopped doing for 3 months, so if you want this is my return ;) .
Thank you, and all the best for your game.

and Congrulations for your " first " game jam :p .