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Shaggy Fires

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très bon jeu ( j'apprécie de voir le mot schtroumpf et haddock dans un jeu indépendant xD , l'idée est vraiment sympa, continuez comme ça ^^ .

I aprreciate the interpration of the theme, really cool ^^ .

It runs  ^^ ( don't worry, for my first game  I have had the same problem xD ), so about the game:

1) The menu is really cool with the music ( the music is really good, good work! )

2) The game is short, but the gameplay is cool  ( it's a good idea to have write the information about the character in your game page, to know what is the situation  as player  ^^ ).

3) The background image of the menu and credits scene is really nice, good work too !

4) It's a cool 2D  game, and it's a  good start ^^ .

it doesn't run on my pc , I think that is better than compressed file as zip ( because if you give just .exe, there is a problem (not for you because you have the project ) , but for other people want play your game ^^ ).

WOW ,On dirait que j'ai pris de la drogue en jouant à ton jeu xD .

thanks for you comment ;).

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really cool , nice .

I like the gameboy effect, it's really good, you work a lot for this, it's cool and it's really a shame that the gameboy jam is not made in the same time of the game off jam , beacause it's a gameboy game ^^ , the work with a limited color is really cool.

So congrulations for your work ^^ .

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Really cool, I like the arcade game effect it's really cool. I see that you have work a lot for the assets, great job, for the several cars, the helico, the road.

So, I have spent a fun time .

Vaporwave :)

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This gam is awesome for some reason:

1) the theme  and the goal are really cool, try to calm some people, to say something that we don't agree, it's really fun xD .

2) the vocal is WTF, I laugh a lot just for the vocal voice, with the man and the women.

3)It's really cool, because You know that is impossible to win, but you have the hope ^^ .

4) the music is cool ^^ .

So it's a cool game, really good work guys ^^ .

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Really nice work on the music, the game is really good, I see some idea, like the camera vibration when a ennemy  dead, or the missile that  follow the ennemy, good job guys :D .

Created a new topic Good luck guys ;)

24h hours, good luck , so excited to see what you have made :D .

j'ai vraiment envie de le faire, mais j'ai un projet en info :'(, je vais y réfléchir, parce que ça me donne trop envie x).

Très bon jeu, une surprise, assez étonné de ton travail, je croyais au début que c'était le menu, mais non, c'était plus qu'un menu, c'était une expérience sonore.

really nice, I like :) .

Je peux essayer de t'aider si tu veux pour ton problème.

Thanks ^^.

Thanks for the answer :D .

yes because I'm afraid, and I don't know if I'm able to see if my game is on the submission.

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I  would play some game of this jam to can give a feedback to the developper but the 10-20 games of this jam gone without any reason.

What happened?

Thanks a lot, I have found something yesterday, https://www.zapsplat.com/sound-effect-categories/ .

It's a good HD sound effect, free to use for game, so thx for your answer ;D.

I really apreciaite your game, it's an amazing job. The art of the game, the movement animation, the music ( :D ), the random map, a really polish and serious game.When you play this kind of game, you know that you see a real indie work ( not a simple game made in one hour but a game work for several week).

I need to get this effects for my game as soon as possible to polish my game (or other people want get some free sound effect ) , thanks :D .

Yes really good update, I like the idea of the radar to anticipate the ennemies, the  Loose screen too, better than the pop-up windows :D. You have made a good work in this update.

I have played your game dessert stike, it's really well done, i have seen the effect with the bullet that has a scope ( really cool it's really useful for the gameplay to have a challenge, and not a easy game :) ). Nice design art,  good work with the noise effect ( crash mountain, noise bullet, ... ).

I have one tips for you:

when there more than one ennemies, it's really hard to shoot them, so , if you want :) , you can make an invicibility with a timer ( 2 or 3 sec ), to have the time to shoot them, or make a menu  with possibility to choose  the dificulty.

So , if you want let your game and not change, it's your game, and your choice, I'm just here to help you.

PS: It's was fun :D .

Thanks a lot for your message, i wanted give up, and when I have seen your message, i was saying myself "why give up, let's go" :).

if you want, i can try to help you, just send me a message on itchio, i'm often here :).

Good luck ;) .

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I played your game, good idea, and fun mini-game , i have some tips for you:

1) You have the time to polish the game , and add some music ( it's better to play with music :) )

2) The velocity is too high, just try to reduce, because it's really hard to play,  or just make a constant velocity ( i think that you have try to create acceleration )                                                                  

3) when i touched the hitbox of the skeletron with the character, i thought that the GUI "hits" had a link with this, just add in your descreption that the goal is to push the skeletron in the edges of the arena.

it's just some tips, if you are sure that your game is well, it's fine for you :).

it's not a problem if i use music ( I haven't a midi piano, it's really hard to play with computer key :) )

Created a new topic 2 hours :)

One game in a list, I hope to have one more :), i wait.

Created a new topic Deadline tommorow :)

It's the deadline tommorow :).

really fun :D. good job

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Thanks a lot for your answer, I know for the "press space" problem :),s o sorry for the english ( English is not my first language, I speak everyday french, so I will do better for the next jam, so thanks for playing my game :).

Created a new topic Good luck :)

If you have any questions, write it here.

Created a new topic Ready :D

15 min before the jam ... :D

Thanks a lot for your reply, i agree, the goal of the game is not to be polish but the main is just the story (i'm really bad to draw , glad that I have got my new PC to work in 3D ;D , I'm better in modeling)

So I'm so glad that you have appreciate my game, and just thanks  a lot :D.

Created a new topic Important-->
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Hello everybody

I want say something really important, if someone need help, don't hesitate to create a topic, and help each other.


It was really good, I appreciate. I saw that you have used Music Maker Jam for your musics :D.

It's a complete game according to me, because, you have the attention to detail, like the tremor when you are in the final boss, I hope that you have the time to work on this project, because You have a lot of idea.

Thanks a lot to send this message, I have solve the problem, I didn't know that it there several target plateform in unity, it's was an option and I didn't know.I have create the new version, for mac, I'm sorry that I have taken a long time, I was sick, so I hope that you will enjoy my game, :D.