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Shaggy Fires

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Thanks a lot for your answer, I know for the "press space" problem :),s o sorry for the english ( English is not my first language, I speak everyday french, so I will do better for the next jam, so thanks for playing my game :).

Created a new topic Good luck :)

If you have any questions, write it here.

Created a new topic Ready :D

15 min before the jam ... :D

Thanks a lot for your reply, i agree, the goal of the game is not to be polish but the main is just the story (i'm really bad to draw , glad that I have got my new PC to work in 3D ;D , I'm better in modeling)

So I'm so glad that you have appreciate my game, and just thanks  a lot :D.

Created a new topic Important-->
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Hello everybody

I want say something really important, if someone need help, don't hesitate to create a topic, and help each other.


It was really good, I appreciate. I saw that you have used Music Maker Jam for your musics :D.

It's a complete game according to me, because, you have the attention to detail, like the tremor when you are in the final boss, I hope that you have the time to work on this project, because You have a lot of idea.

Thanks a lot to send this message, I have solve the problem, I didn't know that it there several target plateform in unity, it's was an option and I didn't know.I have create the new version, for mac, I'm sorry that I have taken a long time, I was sick, so I hope that you will enjoy my game, :D.

Thaks for the answer :D.

Why i'm not able to vote?

it write:

" You are unable to rate this project because you have not submitted your own entry. You can leave a comment below though."

No problem, but I'm afraid that people download old version, because I have changed a lot of thing. :D

I have hided my old version of the game, is it a problem?

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Use space to interact with object ( the Lucia's PC is near the door)

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Ohh, really good, I apreciate this game, I saw that you have worked a lot for the song, Why not post this game on kongregate or another site to promote your game, you have a lot of chance that people like your work, because it's a true work, really good guys :D.

I'm going to make an update, and in this update , you will able to write code. (I know that is strange, but I didn't have the time to do it in one week-end because I had a lot of problem.)

So, The aim of this game is to let imagine anything that you want :D.

Thanks for the comment :D

Thanks for the answer :D

I want make a video, but I have an old PC, and It's really hard to do it.

So, who want make a video of all game of this jam :D.

Really fun game, :D.

I like the work on the music

So, I have passed a good time to play your game, really good.

I played on your game "I'm late subway run!".

I appreciate the game, and the animation too, the animation of the character is  very fluid.

So, good work :D.

Don't hesitate to put a comment :D

Don't hesitate to put a comment :D

Very good game, I like it, the music too.

On the begin of the game, click on "Start".

Really cool, I like reference on the programmation, like dir, exe.The music too.You have made a good game :D.

Yes, this jam was really fun and short, but don't worry, at least you have a submited your game ;D.

What's your feeling about this "Short" jam ?


I like this game and the concept, really fun. A good work on the track :D (very funny).

I like the fact that you use the two themes in one game.The single problem that I have seen is the couple of character who appear randomly in the right side of the screen in the begin of the game.

So, I have passed a good time :D.

Important Information:

When you restart the game, put on F10 to load the old save (if you have made a save of course :D).

Posted in Theme List:

Dark Future :D.

Yes, in my last jam, Retro Remake jam, People talk often and games have had  a lot of feedback ;D.

Do you want make a video of all game for this jam? :D

Congrulations :D !!!

Interact with any object (Send me a message if you have seen the "Windows Interface" in the game and the final scene (Credits)). Thanks :D

Don't hesitate to put a comment :D, thanks to people that rated my games.

What's your feeling about this game jam?

According to me, it's was a cool jam, the teme was good, and the time too.Four week, it's very good to make a game.

Created a new topic About the theme?

I want just ask about this, why not do a list, and take one randomly. :D 

Good game, the ambient is good (with the monster noise), I like the concept where you have multiple end. A lot of work with the assets, good asset.So it's really a good work.

Amazing game, I like the music, a very good beat'em up, just greate work :D.

Just Funny. :D

I played, very good game, it's very cute and strange , when I see the girl played to Dun, ahah. It's very clear, I'm able to read and recognize the name and the player. i like the reference for Street Fighter with the hadouken (the poor ennemies, he/she doesn't move ahaha :D), so I liked it, good job.