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Welcome to the Hard-Boiled Wonderland.

A topic by XianXian created Jan 22, 2019 Views: 187 Replies: 21
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Since there's like one more day till the jam and I haven't even posted in this forum, despite being the host,  I'm going to start with a greeting. Then you guys will do yours and make a little introduction about your game. 

Hi, I'm Xian Xian, I am an interactive fiction writer and occasional pixel artist. I write mostly in Twine and tried to do Renpy. Most of my stories, my recent ones at least, deal with some kind of mystery plot and usually have some  kind of nihilist, cynical narrator who longs for the past.    

The game I'm writing is a interactive novel in Twine, mostly choice based, called Red Rose. It takes place in a dystopian future and is about two caretakers who witness a kidnapping of a woman after a terrorist attack.

I don't really have any like pictures to show of the game so far, because I want to create the assets. I will make a thread showing progress of my game and suggest everyone else to do so if they can.


I am creating a noir game in Renpy about gang culture and the morality of decisions for this jam.

Very interesting. Looking forward to playing this as well.

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Hello, hello. I'm Plim, a freelance writer and independent filmmaker. I'm currently trying to build a soulslike in Twine but I love noir so I want take some time off from that to see if I can make something interesting for this jam.

The Burning Heart, is an interactive story featuring Solomon Todd, a detective on the brink of retirement who has been forced to take a leave of absence after a case goes terribly wrong. Solomon drives into the countryside to clear his head. After a long day of driving he checks into The Golden Pine, a small motel in the heart of the forest. It soon becomes clear that something is off. A fellow lodger is found murdered, her body nailed to a tree. 

Someone has woven wildflowers between her toes and carved a strange message into her ribs.

“The owls are watching, the fox is starving, the bear is sleeping, and the beast is hunting.”


Sounds intriguing. I have to play this just to find out what's behind that mysterious message.


That makes two of us. I just wrote it down as I thought of it. Then today I started working on the story and thought @#%!... now how do I make this work? 


Ah I love the cryptic message types.


Sometimes I like to create a mockup like this to remind myself of the tone I'm going for :)


When you come up with a marketing thing and realise:  that has to be in the game now.


And unintentionally stumbling onto a defining moment is probably my favourite thing about writing. 


Greetings! I'm Don, and I'm a software developer, fiction writer, and tabletop RPG designer. I'll be writing an urban fantasy story in Twine.

Rad! Good to have another Twine user on board :)


Hey folks, this will be my first game jam, and my first non-negligible attempt at IF.

I'm writing a game in Twine about memory, aging, and loss, called The Residences at Redwood Grove.

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Thanks, Xian Xian, for hosting, and giving me the spark I needed to get this project started.


I'm starting with a character and setting I've used before, Isabel King, a jazz singer at the Red Lantern Jazz Bar, Soho, London. One of the guys in the band is murdered. Isabel finds a clue but the police think it's meaningless. Of course they don't believe in vampires.

I'm already loving the sound of this.


Jazz bars, vampire, This is gonna get very red. 😮 I always like vampire stories but I feel like I would never write a good one.

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Hi, my name is Kyle, and I just joined this jam less than an hour ago. 

I'm mostly using this jam as a vehicle to escalate my art skills. As I am primarily a programmer with a background in animation, I've never been behind the aesthetics of anything at a core level.  I plan to change this, and this genre has struck a lot of inspiration in me.

What I love about this jam is that it's a solid month long. 

I can't guarantee my entry's story will be great, or deep, or even possibly there at all, I may just have the time to create art assets and get the character to run around an environment, we'll see.
Noir isn't even a genre I've strongly been interest in, so as I sit here and think of the story and characters, my inspiration comes directly from stereotypical sources of 50's style black and white / early colour detective sources. 

I have a laundry list of things I want to tackle for this regardless though. I'm psyched!


lmao im kind of a noob pixel artist and right now im more concerned about the art asset and aesthetic than the story for some reason.


Your excitement is infectious! Very interested to see what you'll put together. 

Also love that this is a whole month long. Though for me this allows more time to work on the story. Wish I could animate sigh. One day.


Wow, I have developed a whole new respect for people who make visual novels.  This is my first attempt at a VN, have spent all day making hopefully interesting dialog and decisions and when I play through it...I have about 60 seconds worth of gameplay!  Looking forward to seeing what others do with this jam!


Hi Im Owen!

Im 16 and i found this game jam through the haruki murakami subreddit, I am in a programming class right now but I think i am going to make my game in twine! I have not figured out exactly what I want to do but I will keep you all updated!


Hello everybody!

I'm a bit late but I swear I didn't notice this topic (That tells a lot about my detection skills, I suppose).  

I'm StenoArtico, an italian writer/game designer. This is my first twine project and my first interactive fiction of a certain lenght. The title is Giallo and it's based on a slightly-modified version of a character I created for an imagined comicbook or tv series: Rino D'Ignoti, a synesthetic journalist framed for a crime he didn't commit, probably. The only thing that he remembers is the yellow silhouette of a man. 

It will have, I hope, all the staple noir things (flashy flashbacks, obsession, ambiguity) and I also want to use different text colors to give the story a unique look.

On top of that I'm writing in english, which is not my mother tongue, so I mainly hope to make something readable. I'll probaby manage to release only the first act of the story before the deadline, but I plan to keep on writing and release it in the future.