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lakro rated a game 50 days ago
A browser game made in HTML5.

It is a  brief game but the ambiance and sound are great.
After the first playing, would like to get more of this. Nice work!

Endelyon published a game 89 days ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
Red Lantern The Red Lantern Jazz Bar, Soho, London. This place had been her work, her home, her life for the past eight years. The bar staff, the band - these were her replacements for the family she'd left long ago. Could one of them be a...
IEP_Esy published a game 107 days ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
Cute Adblocker is a Retro style Shooting Game where you kill Advertisements instead of people. You are a lonely man named Shayan who has been jailed. You must find your way out of the prison by destroying floating Ads in your way; with guid...
A browser game made in HTML5.

Such a lovely voxel room where you can feel yourself like a detective. So funny texts and geek references!

cKolmos published a game 114 days ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
Jacob has disappeared. Explore his cute voxel room to find out what happened. Each of its objects has a story to tell. You can play online or download executable for better graphics. Please consider donating or buying the downloadable versi...