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Hi, everyone!

I have a question. I'm working on an interactive fiction inspired by a Wuthering Heights RPG and by gothic novel masterpieces, although it won't follow any specific plot (but there will be references, tropes and maybe some quoting) because it will be an original story. Does it still count as "adaptation/inspiration" or would it be too much of a stretch?

Thanks anyway!

Simply awesome!!!

I played and loved your game! Awesome setting and writing!

I started writing interactive fiction some months ago with twine 2, so I know how hard it is. If you want help to expand your game and need some collaboration I'm very interested. I'm not a native speaker, although I'm used to write in English for poetry and fiction.  Please, let me know. Bye!

Thank you for playing it! Glad you enjoyed it.

No problem! The game it's just a demo, though. Let me know what you think about it anyway. It's my first if ever, so every comment is appreciated.

Try now

Sorry! I know, but haven't had time to fix it.

Hello everybody!

I'm a bit late but I swear I didn't notice this topic (That tells a lot about my detection skills, I suppose).  

I'm StenoArtico, an italian writer/game designer. This is my first twine project and my first interactive fiction of a certain lenght. The title is Giallo and it's based on a slightly-modified version of a character I created for an imagined comicbook or tv series: Rino D'Ignoti, a synesthetic journalist framed for a crime he didn't commit, probably. The only thing that he remembers is the yellow silhouette of a man. 

It will have, I hope, all the staple noir things (flashy flashbacks, obsession, ambiguity) and I also want to use different text colors to give the story a unique look.

On top of that I'm writing in english, which is not my mother tongue, so I mainly hope to make something readable. I'll probaby manage to release only the first act of the story before the deadline, but I plan to keep on writing and release it in the future.

Actually there's some dream-like unreality (not exactly surreality), but yeah, it will be weird enough.

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The main inspirations for my project Giallo are: 

  • noir classics (with all the ambiguity and the oneiric) such as Laura by Otto Preminger (Twin Peaks takes a lot from it), The Big Combo, Kiss me deadly, Touch of Evil, The Lady of ShangaiOut of the Past, Detour, Murder, my sweet, D.O.A., and others. 
  • the sub-genre of neon noir, with colors used in an expressionist way and more explicit moral and sexual ambiguity such as Blade runner, Blue velvet, The Big Bang, Muerte en Buenos Aires.

I didn't know I made an educational game. I'm happy to hear that!

That's exactly what I wanted to achieve!! Thanks a lot!

Yeah, I know. The co-op is more of a suggestion, but I thought it would be fun to include it anyhow.  I'm glad you appreciate THAT part of my design! It's one of the "small" details about greek art that I choose to not follow.

Thank you!!

Thanks for the feedback! I make pixel art just for fun so I'm always worried that I'm not good enough. Your appreciation means a lot to me. Thanks again!

Thank you very much!


Sorry, I forgot to explain it! It's meant to be a single player game but if you want you can play it with someone else.

You filled my sub heart with joy. Thanks!!

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A game of beautiful desolation. It reminded me Niva somehow. Too bad I'm not good enough to pass the abstract travel thing at some point because I really want to see the following worlds...

Wow, really impressive! Nice mechanics and I love the aestetics!

Thanks! XD


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Thanks very much!!  For the Jack level... it's weird. I have no idea. Maybe the chopping was too much far away from the trees.

Yeah, I know. I'm beginning to use it for my next project


Thanks a lot! I'm happy that you liked the art. The difficulty problem is something I'll manage as soon as possible. The intro is skippable pressing the left or right arrow

Yeah, probably it would be better spread the difficulty on more levels. The problem is that the free version of construct 2,  the program I used, has a lot of restrictions. I reached the limit with the two levels I published.

Thanks! The balancing is definitely something I'll work out. 

I like a lot the atmosphere of your game. I died a lot but at the end catching the heart has been really fulfilling

It s very difficult to take so much elements from old classical games without them sounding derivative or misplaced. Great job!

Thanks!! It's my first serious project so probably is not a well balanced game at all. I hope to do better in the future