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The main inspirations for my project Giallo are: 

  • noir classics (with all the ambiguity and the oneiric) such as Laura by Otto Preminger (Twin Peaks takes a lot from it), The Big Combo, Kiss me deadly, Touch of Evil, The Lady of ShangaiOut of the Past, Detour, Murder, my sweet, D.O.A., and others. 
  • the sub-genre of neon noir, with colors used in an expressionist way and more explicit moral and sexual ambiguity such as Blade runner, Blue velvet, The Big Bang, Muerte en Buenos Aires.

Very interesting things you're drawing inspiration from. I'm hoping a little bit of weirdness creeps in from the Lynch side of things!


Actually there's some dream-like unreality (not exactly surreality), but yeah, it will be weird enough.

Rad! Can't wait to play it.