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Thanks! I've not used sound before but I'm planning music for my next game. Some of the characters are jazz musicians so it seems appropriate.

I'm starting with a character and setting I've used before, Isabel King, a jazz singer at the Red Lantern Jazz Bar, Soho, London. One of the guys in the band is murdered. Isabel finds a clue but the police think it's meaningless. Of course they don't believe in vampires.

Sounds intriguing. I have to play this just to find out what's behind that mysterious message.

Thanks Leafo, the idea was to avoid scrolling. Some page have a lot of text and a picture. But luckily allows scrolling so probably I didn't need it!

In Alchemy and Magic, Wendell travels through time to collect the right ingredients for his magic weapon. Will it be enough to give him victory over the demon? Find out in the third and final part of Wendelflame.

Here's what you've been waiting for - the third and final part of Wendelflame. Travel through time to find the things you need for your spell, but watch out for dragons!

The second part of the fantasy adventure Wendelflame is ready to play here on Wendell begins to learn magic  but is soon challenged to a magician's duel!

Post your score! A gold star will be awarded to anyone who gets 12 out of 12.

Philosopher's Glass, Part 2 of Wendelflame, is ready to play on! In this part Wendell learns magic and fights a magicians' duel. Can an elephant defeat a unicorn, or is it the other way round? Find out when you play Philosopher's Glass.

Wendelflame is a three part game about a wizard who lives in a tower. He will speak to spirits, defy a demon, travel through time, fight a magicians' duel and use alchemy and magic to make an enchanted superweapon - wendelflame. Play the first part, Labyrinth Tower, now on Parts 2 and 3 will follow in the next few days.