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Thanks! Please keep letting me know what you think, it's great to have this kind of feedback.

Did you know a much older Edmund becomes a teacher at the Magician's College, Oxford? In this role he is a character in the Swords of Elyx trilogy.

Manticore Hunter, sequel to Dracontias Keep, is ready to play! Did you know a much older Edmund becomes a teacher at the Magician's College, Oxford? In this role he is a character in the Swords of Elyx trilogy.


Manticore Hunter is a sequel to Dracontias Keep.

Edmund, a young magician and a recent graduate of the Magician's College, Oxford, has travelled to a castle in Spain to become the apprentice of Gerbert of Aurillac, the notorious necromancer. Gerbert is a strict and unforgiving teacher, but for the moment he seems pleased with Edmund. There's something Edmund hasn't yet told him that could change this.

Will Gerbert send Edmund home in disgrace on the next ship? Or will Edmund set out on a long journey to find and bring back a strong and fearsome beast?

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Coming soon - Manticore Hunter! The sequel to Dracontias Keep. A quest to capture a strong and fearsome beast.

Manticore Hunter is in the final stages of testing and will soon be ready to upload!

Thanks! It's lovely to have this kind of feedback.

Just uploaded the complete story of Sidonia the Sorceress, an interactive novel about the life of a 16th century witch.

Sidonia the Sorceress

Go through the important events of Sidonia's life from her teenage years to her witch trial. Will she take a secret lover, join a bandit gang, seduce a priest, use black magic for a terrible revenge? Will she burn as a witch or convince the judges of her innocence?

I love these limerick riddles! I admit it took me some time to get the point of the hint for the hoop, but finally I saw it. Is Limerick Pirate on the way?

Sidonia rides a stag - or gets a kiss - or both! Play this short demo for a long interactive story about a historical character tried for witchcraft in the 17th century. In this demo of one of the early scenes, Sidonia behaves badly on her first day at court.

I think it's an achievement to have got so much done in the time!

I'm a writer which is why I use Twine, I can do a bit of html and CSS also. I can sort of begin to see how you could make the game; thanks for the description. I've used tables in a couple of the puzzles in Decahedron, next time I'll try display: grid and see if that works better. Thanks!

I would love to know how you managed this with Twine!

Big bug: If replaying without first closing the browser window, the game remembers you found a certain item last time and you can go straight out without needing to find it again. I use <<forget $...>> to fix this kind of thing myself. Well done since I found it interesting enough to play twice!

Tiny typo: fluorescent is spelled like the element fluorine, not like flour for baking.  Loads of people get this wrong, for some reason. You can tell I used to work in science education, right?

More about luck than skill, at least in the early stages, but a clever and original idea.

I have now completed the ten years and I have to admit I'm not as good a general as Agamemnon! It felt repetitive in places but I expect that was the point, to give the feel of the war dragging on. Overall I enjoyed it and certainly it was an original idea. I'm going to recommend the game to someone I know who is interested in ancient Greek history and mythology.

11 is very good! 3 of the points have an element of luck involved, so even if you get the 9 other points, you have a 1 in 6 chance of getting the other 3.

I never got 12 while testing. Once I got 11 while testing the path where Edmund doesn't summon the former apprentices from their graves. So I got all 3 Luck points, proving it is possible. 

Thanks for playing and commenting. I've started a sequel, Manticore Hunter. No luck points at all in this, the points will be from finding beasts and using spells.

Too fast for my aging  fingers! I might try again later.

In spite of giving an obviously feminine name, I got a masculine persona. Perhaps the way you put the pronouns into the text needs fixing? Though personally I don't think pronouns are such a big deal.

Couldn't give this Fun to play, but definitely emotional and involving. I liked the way the truth of the main character's memories was questioned.

I've only played the first year so I'll rate it when I've got a bit farther on. Up to now I'm enjoying it. A chart you can get at in game showing which leader has which ships etc. as in a strategy game would help.

After extracting the files from the .zip folder, I could see the images. 

I might have a fix for playing in the browser without downloading. Try naming the .html file in the .zip file index.html. You might also want to select Click to launch in full screen in the Embed Options and enable scrollbars. I learned this the hard way myself!

A lonely seeker of knowledge. A quest. A tower. A broken mirror. Tarot cards. Alchemical symbols. Hermetic secrets. The mysterious other. The trial of strength. Visions of the adept.

Can you solve puzzles and complete your journey?

Decahedron was made for the Twine 10 Year Anniversary Jam.

Cool to see a game inspired by a poem - a dialog between old and new artforms. I imagined environmental disaster, a drying-up of the waters, a waste land of sand and howling winds, the villagers driving their remaining cattle before them as they cross the arid desert looking for a greener land.

Take a look at the new improved version of Dracontias Keep. Now with an improved stylesheet and more pictures. One bug and three continuity errors have been fixed.

When you've played Dracontias Keep, you'll see why the sequel will be titled Manticore Hunter!

I was interested to play this as I'm writing a long Twine game ending in a witch trial. I particularly liked your alternative history with female Lords. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

Thanks! I've not used sound before but I'm planning music for my next game. Some of the characters are jazz musicians so it seems appropriate.

I'm starting with a character and setting I've used before, Isabel King, a jazz singer at the Red Lantern Jazz Bar, Soho, London. One of the guys in the band is murdered. Isabel finds a clue but the police think it's meaningless. Of course they don't believe in vampires.

Sounds intriguing. I have to play this just to find out what's behind that mysterious message.

Thanks Leafo, the idea was to avoid scrolling. Some page have a lot of text and a picture. But luckily allows scrolling so probably I didn't need it!

In Alchemy and Magic, Wendell travels through time to collect the right ingredients for his magic weapon. Will it be enough to give him victory over the demon? Find out in the third and final part of Wendelflame.

Here's what you've been waiting for - the third and final part of Wendelflame. Travel through time to find the things you need for your spell, but watch out for dragons!

The second part of the fantasy adventure Wendelflame is ready to play here on Wendell begins to learn magic  but is soon challenged to a magician's duel!

Post your score! A gold star will be awarded to anyone who gets 12 out of 12.

Philosopher's Glass, Part 2 of Wendelflame, is ready to play on! In this part Wendell learns magic and fights a magicians' duel. Can an elephant defeat a unicorn, or is it the other way round? Find out when you play Philosopher's Glass.

Wendelflame is a three part game about a wizard who lives in a tower. He will speak to spirits, defy a demon, travel through time, fight a magicians' duel and use alchemy and magic to make an enchanted superweapon - wendelflame. Play the first part, Labyrinth Tower, now on Parts 2 and 3 will follow in the next few days.