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P.I PuttView game page

Stealth mini-golf with a noir theme!
Submitted by ErikNorstedt, Felix Almqvist — 18 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Innovation / Experimentation#53.3753.375
Game Play / Game Feel#93.2503.250
Level Design#113.0003.000
Presentation (itch listing)#202.7502.750
Art Direction#203.0003.000

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • I love the idea of the game, it is very cute yet serious and tense. Sometimes the guards were punishing, sometimes they helped me by accident, and sometimes they just tennised me back and forth.
  • Well thought-out; simple yet fun.
  • Great work on this one! It is a short one, but very pleasant either way. It is charming, the levels are interesting, and most of all, it is fun! Making a golf stealth game is a great idea. I loved how the guards whacked you away instead of killing you, and that they could help instead of only being a detriment. Artstyle is simple, but effective. I think this game would go great as a small mobile title! Keep it up!
  • I really liked the concept at the presentation. But I think it didn't really hit home. I think it was because I thought it would be more suffering to be taken by the guards but it didn't really matter. Maybe time limit and time decreases when taken or something that makes me regret being taken by a guard. The game is overall polished and has a great feel. However I'm missing to be able to strategize as you do both in golf and stealth games. I had no idea how to plan my move so I just hit the ball as hard as I could and continued until I reached goal. I think there is something here but needs tweaking, would also be awesome to se this in multiplayer, see who gets out first, the one last looses, maybe battle royal mode. However, good job!
  • Really fun game and a cool premise! The game play was fun and challenging, but at times the ball stopped in a place where it wasn't letting me select the ball and choose a direction, so the security guards easily caught me.
  • A nice noir golf experience. I really like how you let me retry over and over again, it would be frustrating if there was a health bar and I had to restart after getting whacked 3 times or something. A good game with potential.
  • This is great! I very much enjoyed playing this game. There are a few things missing for it to feel really good - I need to be able to scroll ahead to see/aim, for example, but this is a very cute, very well executed game, with a highly atmospheric music score going in the background. The storytelling is great, the way the stage changes are used to describe what is happening, what I can expect and what the goal of the level is was very endearing AND helpful. Congratulations on a very good project.

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A neat little game. Feels good and looks nice.

There wasn't really a way for me to lose, but I'm not complaining.


We think you're neat as well. 

Thanks for playing!


Like this so much, a little rough around the edges but a game mechanic gem. 


Thanks for the kind words! We are hoping to iron out the kinks and polish the game up a bit more during summer if time allows. 

Jam Judge(+2)

A nice little crazy golf game with a detective spin. Not a lot of puzzle-solving to it, but enjoyable all the same. You could take this concept quite far.


Really fun! I enjoyed this and I personally love games where you get to sneak around like this, too. Would love to play more if you develop it further :)


Thanks for sneaking by!

Jam Judge(+1)

Crazy Detective Golf Game! 

I had a lot of fun with this and actually started getting nervous about getting caught! Nice concept.

One piece of feedback is that i at first read the 'arrows' control when you pull back and take a shot backward and propelled myself in exactly the opposite direction. I did this more than once, i kept thinking of it as a forward marker because there is no club. FYI.


Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback with us!

We will most definitely try to improve the user experience of the "Putting" mechanic. There are plenty of ways we are thinking of approaching this so we will have to experiment with the input we get from you and other players!  

Jam Judge

I made that exact same error, and had trouble recovering from where it had propelled me.