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Wow! I really enjoyed this one.

Fighting the enemies felt really good; I loved that three-part attack thing. The sound, the particles and the little jumps you do really make it feel great to kill enemies(which is good, since you do it a lot).

I never got lost or anything, as every area unlocked the next area through some new ability.
The final boss-fight was cool and well-balanced I think. All the health upgrades helped there.

My only minor complaint is that the phase-ability didn't feel like it was very meaningful. It's always used to solve the same problem in the same way. It's only a minor complaint.

Overall I thought it was real fun, I love games of this sort! :)

I'm a fan of a lot of things this game has going for it:

  • I like how you utilize particle systems and trailing lines to add juice to your game
  • The way you use music to tell the player what's going on is clever and intuitive
  • Being able to tell where you've been using tab is a convenient  feature

As for my feedback

  • I would have loved to see more enemies and with more complex behaviours
  • The boss seems to have a lot of complex stuff going on but if you get the baguette he becomes the world's biggest chump which is a shame
  • I wasn't sure if jumping in the air was a bug or a feature (or a bug which turned into a feature) when I was playing. I think some indication that acknowledges that you're jumping in the air (such as a smoke puff) would make it feel more natural

    I have far more things to praise than I do to complain about. I hope you're as pleased with the outcome as you should be

A neat little game. Feels good and looks nice.

There wasn't really a way for me to lose, but I'm not complaining.

I'm terrible at puzzlers but did manage to beat this one with much effort. To your credit, every solution felt intentional and I spent a lot of time walking through the level in my head to see what would work.
My one point of feedback is that an undo button would be very convenient, as I'd fumble from time to time and need to redo the puzzle from the start.


A surprisingly polished game. I didn't beat it, but I beat about 12-15 levels before my brain felt like mush and I decided to do something else.

I have two minor points of feedback:

  • It would be nice to be able to retry without all of the items being taken off the board, as I'd occasionally be really close to finding the solution but still need to replace all of the items.
  • It can be hard to predict the path that the little dudes will take at times. Sometimes they deviate from what I think they'll do in a small way,  and other times they take a different path entirely. If the path they intended to take were highlighted in some way, I think it'd make it easier to strategise.

Don't let these points overshadow the fact that I'm really impressed with what you've come up with

Had a great time playing this with a friend (Valter specifically)
We had fun messing around and went on to beat the game without too much trouble
My only feedback is that I'd occasionally lose track of which door would let me progress and which door would lead me back to where I just came. I think this could be helped by putting props or landmarks in various places to make the different door and rooms a bit more distinguishable.
That's my only minor complaint- I had fun!

I've Won... But At What Cost? | Know Your Meme

The framed portrait of the dog is my favourite part of this game. Wonderful!

I won!

Found the secret stash 10/10


out of this world 下フ育よ