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Submitted by StygsAscent, FelixK12, RobinL, Sonni, Feigii, DionGreat (@DionysiosAdamo1), Jognaut — 20 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Play / Game Feel#33.5003.500
Presentation (itch listing)#43.3333.333
Art Direction#63.8333.833
Level Design#132.8332.833
Innovation / Experimentation#143.0003.000

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • Really great job, I love the overall style and "vibe" of the game. The grappling hook controls are a bit confusing and took a while to get the hang of it - not sure I ever really did.
  • Very neat game! Art and music were great! I liked the combat and platforming gameplay mix even though I at times had some issues with the movement not "clicking". The heavy momentum of the jump is interesting: I felt it took away some control but it did fit with the "heavy boss" theme, and made things harder (I compare here to very precise movement in games like Hollow Knight or modern Metroidvanias). It's very cool that you have all those creative artifacts one can gain, but I got the float jump at the beginning and never understood it as a unique item. I think it was because since it's placed during the tutorial, I sort of assumed it was a movement-puzzle ability, and promptly forgot about it after not being "required" to use it! Overall I had a good time with the game! Great job!
  • Styg's Ascent takes the classic hero vs villain concept and flops it upside down. This time, you fight as the big bad itself who has fallen from their throne. With a unique emphasis on risk vs reward, Styg's ascent is a fast paced and enjoyable mayhem trip! Nicely done guys! Making a melee game with a hookshot with upgrades AND bosses is no small feat for a first year project! The game had a few bugs that I encountered, but nothing major or game breaking. The combat feels smooth along with the movement and the hookshot. The few things I had to mention were the panning of the camera and the level layouts, both of these are interconnected and I think they are easily fixed. Make sure to give the player more control of the camera, where to look etc, so that you don't plunge into spikes because you didn't see them below. The art and sound was on point, it felt consistent with backgrounds and the theme overall. It was cool that you managed to create music that changes depending on combat state! The bossfight at the end was very, very ambitious! As the game is a bit of a powerfantasy type experience, it felt alright to smash the boss completely, especially if you had low health at the end to reach full power! Something you should look into is how to inform players that their abilities and powerups have changed depending on powerlevel. It became very confusing when the game tells me that "something" has happened, but I have no idea as to what changed. Make it easier to look up what skills you have and the effects of them! Overall though, amazing game! Well done to everyone in the team, you should really be proud of what you have created! Keep it up!
  • Great looking art, nice traversal and character movement. Looks and feels polished!

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I'm a fan of a lot of things this game has going for it:

  • I like how you utilize particle systems and trailing lines to add juice to your game
  • The way you use music to tell the player what's going on is clever and intuitive
  • Being able to tell where you've been using tab is a convenient  feature

As for my feedback

  • I would have loved to see more enemies and with more complex behaviours
  • The boss seems to have a lot of complex stuff going on but if you get the baguette he becomes the world's biggest chump which is a shame
  • I wasn't sure if jumping in the air was a bug or a feature (or a bug which turned into a feature) when I was playing. I think some indication that acknowledges that you're jumping in the air (such as a smoke puff) would make it feel more natural

    I have far more things to praise than I do to complain about. I hope you're as pleased with the outcome as you should be
Jam Judge(+3)

Nice job guys!

As I mentioned in gather towns, here's the video of my playthrough (the stream is casual, so there might be explicit language)! I'll provide some written feedback in the jury form as well. 


Thank you for taking the extra steps to provide us with this very useful gameplay & feedback! It was very useful to see you play through the game, it helped us notice some things in the game that need to be addressed. 

/ Styg's Ascent team

Jam Judge(+3)

This is a great little rogue-like, had some fun with it although it is also quite challenging (I never seem to be particularly good at these kinds of things). The scenery and sound fit together really quite nicely. The menuing and main screen feel a little less polished, i'd really think through those first few visuals and really punch them up.

One easy note is that i found the control scheme didn't really match how i wanted to control it - adding the ability to remap controls to different buttons isn't too much of a lift, and would really help the access to folks with different machines / layouts. 


Thank you very much for your feedback, we are delighted to hear that you enjoyed our game!

You brought up some great points which we will discuss in the team in hopes of making these improvements a reality.

/ Styg's Ascent team