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We think you're neat as well. 

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the kind words! We are hoping to iron out the kinks and polish the game up a bit more during summer if time allows. 

Thanks for sneaking by!

Really solid puzzle game! I particularly love how you reuse the same layout in the beginning levels with added levels of difficulty and solutions.

Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback with us!

We will most definitely try to improve the user experience of the "Putting" mechanic. There are plenty of ways we are thinking of approaching this so we will have to experiment with the input we get from you and other players!  

Thank you for your great feedback! The try limit is something we will definitely implement in future versions. A pause menu with a restart button will be taken into consideration. Very nice ideas!

Thank you for playing, Sterf! Keep at it, we believe in you! <3

Thank you for playing the game and spending time giving us good feedback! It is really appreciated!

Thank you! We will definitely work hard to fine tune the game in its entirety!