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So looking forward to playing this. Love The character sheet available as a demo download!

Awesome! Cowabunga dude! Love it. Simple and sweet.

There will definitely be a way of playing solo!

Thank you! Yes, I have already thought about that very prejudiced and unfortunate clumping together, but I haven't got enough of a reason yet to put together a 3rd edition. In a possible update I will make sure to amend this. :)

It's been my pleasure! It has been a super fun challenge to combine the contributions into a nice compilation! Thank you for all your nice tables!

Nice work! Well written, well thought out, nice design. Thanks a bunch!

Love this! Think it is a very good take on LeGuin.

Really nicely done! Your last week of development really tied everything together! /Johan

Very well done. Nice level of complexity and that last week really tied it all together, good job! /Johan

Nicely done! Well polished and nice design. /Johan

Very nicely wrapped up this last week! Impressive! Very nice game feel. I had some issues with getting a hang of some of the controls but after a few trial and errors I worked out well. /Johan

I truly enjoy this game. One could say it is my cup of tea! There is however a distant feeling of "aimlessness" in the beginning, I believe as part of your games onboarding it would be very good to immediately allow the player to solve a small problem, leading to the discovery of a trail or something like that meaning I feel like I do something and then I get on with the walking and discovery. Freedom to roam is a thing that makes your game harder, not easier. Visually stunning, once I get to the puzzle elements I love them.

Nice little concept of a game! I think this is a good start and as Bartle mentioned, the controls felt pretty solid!

Like this so much, a little rough around the edges but a game mechanic gem. 

Nice game. I had fun playing it, but I had some minor issues with finding my way, mainly due to some "odd" starting positions of the camera (both at the initial starting position and after death). I felt like the instructions on the stones were at times a bit cryptic, and that the iconography above the head of the snakes when I got close to them was quite hard to understand. There is a lot of character to your character, and the level design felt varied but not chaotic.

Found a bug! After mining the interface for the asteroids still had the button, clicking it again set the drain on my fuel to an infinite minus loop. Had -600 fuel when I restarted. :) (I might be wrong about why the bug occurred but it was the only interaction I did that I think could have triggered it). 

Besides that, I like your creation. It seems nice, and I could easily see the potential.

/Johan Eriksson

As a part of preparing for a weird 1st of May, where covid has forced us to organize in new ways, I made a small party game playable by 3-8 players. It is meant to be enjoyed as a social game, where you all take turns in being the soapbox speaker. 

Practice your public speaking and angry-mod-rallying skills in a rather silly way with your friends!

Is there anything I can help you with? Feel free to join my discord to have discussions (

Love this! So good with the gifts!

Hey! So curious on how your tables have progressed?

Last day of the jam! Be sure to submit your contributions today!

If anynone needs any help with layout/logos visual work hit me up!

Nicely done.

I really really like your phrasing and the way you explain the rules. Elegant.  

Hey everybody! I hope you are all well in these "interesting" times. 

I just wanted to remind you that the Jam is coming to an end soon, in other words, it is time to set up your pages for your submissions in order for you to be able to submit them.  Nothing has to be polished or fancy, in fact, it doesn't even have to be finished, but submit your project page to make sure your work will be included in the upcoming zine. Think of the page as a sort of teaser if you aren't finished with the project yet. 

If anyone needs any help just write in the jam forums!


Less than a week left before submissions close in the jam! I hope all your dev goes well and that you are having fun with this!

The preview of the upcoming introductory adventure:

Tomorrow I will post a draft of the adventure im working on, if anyone wants to give me some constructive feedback I would be so happy. 

Today the A one in a million chance at a Game Jam starts! It is now open to submissions!

I love this! I think these modifications will make the base game available to many more player groups!

Soo good.  I will be doing a few random tables of my own! I am going to make one that, for now, is given the name "Foreboding phenomenon", a few side quest generation tables (based on guilds), and maybe spell titles.

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This is a place where you can find any supplement logos or files necessary for creating "stuff that looks like the original core rules".

Supplement Logo:
Supplement Logo

A logo to use when making/publishing a supplement for the game "A one in a million chance at adventure"
Official Logo:

Official logo

A logo to use when making/publishing for the game "A one in a million chance at adventure"
The Separator:

If you are working on anything that doesn't fit the descriptions of the other threads, maybe this is the place for you?

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If you are working on a system hack, compiling house rules or making an overhaul: Here you can post a line or two outlining what you are working with so no one else is doing something too similar or maybe shout out for some help or guidance.

If you are working on an illustration or piece of music: Here you can post some WIP screenshots and maybe shout out for some help or guidance.

If you are working on random tables: Here you can post a line or two outlining what you are working with so no one else is doing something too similar or maybe shout out for some help or guidance.

If you are working on an adventure: Here you can post a line or two outlining what you are working with so no one else is doing something too similar or maybe shout out for some help or guidance.

Cool! Thanks for this release! Looking forward to reading through it after this semester is over and I am able to find the time!

Thank you so much for this. Also want to compliment you on creating an introduction to tarot that far surpasses many of the "real" tarot books out there. By having game design perspectives in here you are breaking down the understanding for the different cards in a new and improved way. Someone could easily use this thing to get into actual tarot reading. :)

Hello! Just wanted to tell you that I have started the process of translating this to swedish and english. :