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Jasper - Deerprints Art

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Loved nyooming around in this game, very fun c:

Awesome booth/arcade setup, was such a fun concept to have the two part cooperation puzzles and congrats on the awards and nominations c:

10/10 cute wobbly gummy bears c:

The levels were fun and of course knocking things off was the best :^) Didn't get to play it in your arcade machine but it looked like a cool design for the controller!

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Fun game/concept :3 Love all the different interactive elements. 

Also, just a fun addition, my dog kept trying to eat the dried worms off my computer screen when I played so I guess they looked tasty :')

The aesthetic and art of this game are awesome, I just love the vaporwave-esque style and the little dudes dancing around with the music. Great job :D

I like the music! It was nice to have a slower/more 'calm' song to play along with (vs the fast pace and loud ones I've experienced in previous rhythm games). The visuals and short narrative were also beautiful. 

Very enjoyable game with awesome vibes. 10/10

Absolutely love the art style and visuals!! Just wanted to say that <3 Though challenging, the gameplay and mechanics with switching through worlds are super cool.

I rlly like this! The idea of using the character's heads/failures to get around obstacles is fun and the dog is adorable, too many games do not have dogs you can pet/show love <3 Big fan of pixel art too, so love the style, and the music playing is quite nice. Will definitely check out your future builds/additions if there are any :3

Nice game and art! :D

Love the art style and aesthetic of this game c:

Really nice game, good job :3

Enjoyed playing this, v fun puzzle game c:

Fun concept and I love the chameleon tongue :P

Very nice atmosphere and art c:

Really enjoy the art, would love to have some music in the background so it's not so silent c:

Fun game! I like how you could control the two characters with single player mode, cool designs too!

Very nice game!! I like the music and the aesthetic it makes me think of like cyberpunk or something futuristic c: Good job!!

Nice! Took a min to get a hang of the flying but it was fun!

Very interesting game, I liked the puzzles and environment and story c:

Really love the animation/music/overall visual style! And the concept too. One note is that upon entering the second room ? There seemed to be a bug where I got stuck underneath the floor or the character just disappeared idk. It didn't happen again when I retried, but just incase it's something you wanna look into. Good job!

Very pretty and chill game c:

P.S. Theo is my favorite team member 

A very weird and fun game!

V fun puzzle game, I like the narrative and overall theme c:

Nice concept and I like the pixel art style :3

Very cute game c:

Awesome concept and very pleasing graphics c:

THIS IS SO CUTE!! I love it and I loved playing it

Really nice game!! I love the art! My only feedback is sometimes it's tricky to get the lil chef boy to turn around at the bottom to face the ingredients, but it was fun and easy to get the hang of. Good job :3

Awesome concept, I love the music, the art, everything!

Really fun! I enjoyed this and I personally love games where you get to sneak around like this, too. Would love to play more if you develop it further :)

I really like it! It took a second try to get more of a hang of how to time the speed, and where the boat needed to be for the different obstacles but then it was fine. Music is a bop. Overall great job :) Could definitely see myself playing this to pass time and chill on my phone.

I love the creatures!! The dialogue between The Bros tm was hilarious and fun gameplay. I also love the music! 

Really nice art and aesthetic!

I really like this concept! The aesthetic and work put into it are nice. Some of the puzzles are a bit tricky but rewarding I feel.