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Gnome Gardeners is a co-op timed gardening game where you and a friend switch robo-arms to tend to a human-sized garden.
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Level Design#103.0623.750
Art Direction#123.4704.250
Presentation (itch listing)#142.8583.500
Innovation / Experimentation#192.6543.250
Game Play / Game Feel#212.4493.000

Ranked from 4 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • A really cute concept, and the visual style is great. The game play was a little confusing at first but this works well as a positive kind of co-op game.
  • Great core concept that feels similar to overcooked but still feels like something new and its own thing. I like the mechanics and graphics as well. You have a solid bag of features that makes me think that you can make so much out of this and the possibilities for both level variations and game modes are endless. The only thing I don't like at the moment are the controls. Its easy to miss the tile you want to aim for or not being able to select it at all. Iterate on this and I have more or less nothing to complain about. Great presentation and look of your itch page as well. Good work!
  • A hectic game with emphasis on teamwork, time limitation and chaos. I really think you have done some great work. The artstyle is consistent and funny, it really tells that you've had some great inspiration for the theme and the different characters and their peculiar looks. How the game plays however, is where the problems start appearing. And the biggest offender here would be the movement. While it works, and is passable to an extent, I feel that you should have put more time into the movement and the things that interact with it, in this case the tile cursor that you have in the game. The cursor, while a good idea on paper, does not really work out in the current iteration of the game. It jumps to tiles that that you don't intend to interact with, and ends up being a battle in itself, when the players just really want to interact, and nurture the fantastic plants that are featured in the game. Maybe a solution could be to make sure that you just straight up interact with what is in front of you? Of course there are things to make that hard, but I really think that it would improve the experience greatly. There is also the of difficulty navigating the menu when starting the game. Instead of using different buttons for the different tabs, make sure to "standardize" it. Use spacebar to start, or just allow the players to use the mouse cursor to navigate for all players in the menu. Those things aside, the game looks and sounds great. When not battling with the tiles themselves, and the minor bugs that I have found, the game works really well. The intended stress of the game really kicks in when the flowers start screaming for water and fertilizer, all the while trying not to step on the soil or plants. I did not personally get to play with a second or fourth player, but I can see that teamwork is a must to win, and to thrive in this scandinavian little yard, somewhere in the woods. Friendships will be broken, and perhaps keyboards too, but in the end, there will be fun to be had with this game.
  • Fun and chaotic! The targeting was wonky but I kind of liked the additional struggle that created. If the game became more complex, though, it would probably be good to make the targeting more responsive since "wonky" controls is a difficulty multiplier. Maybe the tutorial could have been made less obtrusive, but I will say the pictures in it was great. Liked the art and the concept, and definitely had a good time with it overall! Good job!

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Love the art style and aesthetic of this game c:

Jam Judge(+5)

Nice job guys!

I recorded myself and a friend playing the game; hopefully it will provide something useful (the stream is casual, so there might be explicit language):

Of course, I'll provide some written feedback in the jury form as well. I'm posting this here since the jury feedback is supposed to be anonymous, so posting it there would, well...

I'll stop by and speak to you in gather towns as well!