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Hell's GateView game page

Complete all the levels to get the reward from Lucifer.
Submitted by 44pes (@44_pes) — 3 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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Godot version

Game description
Complete all levels and go see Lucifer

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Very nice game. The game art looks very good (simplistic, but very nice). I like the art and the music, the menu / level choosing scene looks very great and is working very well. The game is a nice chill game, the music fits! In level "violence" i failed a lot. The new falling mechanic was nice to see, but i got hit by knives every try :P


Loved the art style. Liked the gameplay twist at violence, but that level was a bit too difficult for me. I couldn't figure out if there was any strategy to dodging the knives, or if they were just random. It'd be cool if the knives were tied into the level design somehow, so you could predict where they might fall.


It's all random. I spent too much time creating the graphics and I ran out of time to create the levels.

In the next jam the game will be only squares :P


I really like "Press twice to quit the game" , how to make that?

Developer (1 edit)

This is the code:

You need to add timerSalir.tscn to AutoLoad in project settings.


thank you.


Nice aesthetics, it feels really polished. I did not like how easy the game was though, it felt more like a walking simulator (or digging in this case) then a actual game. I got bored of the simple move down in a straight line until you finish the level without hardly having to do any corrections and the repetitive head smash sound. So I did not bother to see the actual end, I stopped half way in the game.


Yes, the game needs more enemies, but I couldn't spend more time in the game.


I don't think more enemies would solve it. I think if you would manually setup the levels they could be really enjoyable! With some dud paths and leap of faiths. :) Don't get me wrong I think you did an amazing job! With the seeming amount of polish the main game-play just feels a bit out of place.

(1 edit) (+1)

Not finding a problem. Transition was smooth from Limbo, Lust and Gluttony. Will  let you know more  when I finish the full game.


Played multiple times, still working fine for.  It's a great game btw, having a lot of fun trying to beat it. No such luck yet.


Can any WINDOWS user confirm if the game breaks when changing levels (when the tiles change color on the level and the player starts to fall)

Grcar Games is having this problem and I can't reproduce it

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ye i only get an error when tiles change + if i press movement keys in that time