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Hey, thank you so much  for the feed back. It was rush job for everyone to get the game finished in the little time we had and because of that mistakes were made. I didn't have time to do a text polish to get it up to a standard I would hshaveve been happy with. The first two pieces of text are in fact scene descriptions we never had time to build. Somehow in the frantic effort to get this out in time, it was added to the final game. It should start at the with the introduction to the "Ministry". After the Jam I'll ask for them to be removed. Thanks again for a thorough critique. 

Glad you liked the game. Immensely proud of what we achieved in the four days we worked on it. 

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 We wanted to keep the answers to the questions either positive (green) or negative (red). The whole psych evaluation premise was designed to amplify stress and cause as much anxiety as possible. Thanks for playing, pleased you enjoyed it.

Super fun game with some crazy characters and a unique art style. 

Great fun, with a quirky comic aesthetic.

Thanks man, we had a lot of fun putting it together. I played yours last night. really dig the cartoon aesthetic. 

Played multiple times, still working fine for.  It's a great game btw, having a lot of fun trying to beat it. No such luck yet.

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Not finding a problem. Transition was smooth from Limbo, Lust and Gluttony. Will  let you know more  when I finish the full game.