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Hey, thank you so much  for the feed back. It was rush job for everyone to get the game finished in the little time we had and because of that mistakes were made. I didn't have time to do a text polish to get it up to a standard I would hshaveve been happy with. The first two pieces of text are in fact scene descriptions we never had time to build. Somehow in the frantic effort to get this out in time, it was added to the final game. It should start at the with the introduction to the "Ministry". After the Jam I'll ask for them to be removed. Thanks again for a thorough critique. 


No problem. Yeah with jams I generally assume half or more of my feedback is stuff the devs have already thought of, but I figure best to throw it out there so at least they know that others shared that opinion


Smaxbat is right, I put in the intro text and since the script was a bit ambiguous I just went with what he wrote. I was expecting some feedback and changes but we were focused on polishing the game.