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A trailer would be nice.

I don't need too, I can tell from the screen shot It's a good scary game, don't mean to troll, I mean to promote your game, so everybody who like good scary game will be interested to buy it. Maybe you should consider putting up a short demo too.

I can't do it, it's too scary, The House is sooo scary, It's haunted, it's cursed. Don't purchase it, please, I beg you.

I wanna in too, how to join? Do you have Discord account?

Hi, what theme do you like to do the most? and do you mind working with other engine beside RenPy? and do you have a discord id?

and the engine?

I'm in, this game looks cool, how to sign up?

Whoaaa... Amazing demo man. Keep up the great work.

What's your engine?

Hey man, thanks for mentioning this, I never heard of this engine before, now I will check it out, thanks to you.

What's the engine?

We couldn't find your page

it's what I found out when I clicked it.

Would you kindly give the link? 

Thanks Daniel


Hi, how can I help? Do you have a discord?

What's your OS?

can you be more specific?

may I suggest you to try Construct first game tutorial? and see where it's going from there.

what kind of programming language or game engine that you prefer to learn? Have you got any experience with coding before?

Nice artwork, great gameplay, now we can learn and play at the same time, a game for everybody especially the young ones.

Simple, little and fun engaging game, amazing artwork.

Kinda :)

any game engine that you have experience with?

So, any game engine will do for the programmer? How to contact you? Do you have discord id?

have any discord id?

what post?

The environment is too dark, well, at least for me, a crosshair would be nice, but aside from that, nice 3D model and art, it feel like an abandoned space station, and have that eerie feeling, the control and gameplay are good enough.

The control are too clumsy, it's so hard to gather some wood, and without it the night are too dark. Can't go into house.

Hi. How to contact you? Do you have a Discord id?

How to contact you? Do you have a Discord id?

Sure thing

Hi there, if you are looking for someone to test your game, or just someone to play your game and/or give comment, I'm your guy. Contact me here or on my Discord. Thanks.


Is this a paid project?

Thanks Jon