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What's your Discord Id?

Ok, ok, such as?

Yeah, Nice art. What kind of game have work on before? and also, do you have discord id?

Beside scratch, what other game engine that you proficient of?

Is it paid or unpaid?

Do you have discord id?

Hi, how to contact you? do you have discord?

What DM?

Do you have discord id?

Hi, thanks for the reply, but we already got an artist. Maybe in the future project?

Hello there, we are planning to use RenPy, thanks for the reply anyway. :)

Hi there, 

I'm looking for an artist for a visual novel with a mystery theme, It will be set on victorian era. This is an unpaid project, and the length of the project is a short one, but if we work well together, maybe we can make this a revenue share project and/or for more lengthy project in the future. Contact me at my discord Maxfield#7044

Please give a full Discord id. With the numbers I mean.

Ok, thanks for the info

is this paid project?

What's the engine?

Is this paid, Revenue Share or unpaid project?

Do you have Discord id?

Hi, do you have a  discord id?

What's your Discord, Instagram and LINE address?

It does, thanks for the reply. :)

Hi, Just wondering, Do you provide the Tyrano Builder copy or I require to have one already? :)

Great game, I like the style of Alone In The Dark. Keep up the good job.

is this for Android only?

Hi, yes, sorry for the slow reply, work, :D, I've  sent you a friend request on discord

Hi derek, what about that Discord account address that you promise me yesterday?

Hi, I'm glad to find someone like me too, how can I contact you? Do you have a Discord account?

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Hi viv, I have sent a friend request on discord.

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Wow, this is awesome, thanks a lot Kent

(That's right mediumpigeon)

How to contact you?

Can't wait to play the demo of this game, very excited about this.

How can I contact you?

I hope there will be more of this.