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Is this a paid position? and what is the engine that you are planning to use?

Thank you Zara, for taking an interest and playing Dear Phillipa, thank you for your kind comment. We will consider your suggestion for the intro, and will give you any news regarding our future release.

It's a simple but very entertaining game, the control are not difficult, but it give you a good gameplay with such a simple control, that's a very easy to learn. It's a fresh idea and fun too, to be a plumber. I just wish there are more level.

Maybe this too:

is it something like this?

I'm using firefox.

Hi, the discord link give an error, it say the link is expired?

Hi, I got this error when trying to play the game:

Unable to parse Build/MonochromeGame.framework.js.unityweb! The file is corrupt, or compression was misconfigured? (check Content-Encoding HTTP Response Header on web server)

Do you have some demo that I can listen to?

how to contact you?

Is this a paid position?

How to contact you?

how to contact you?

How to contact you?

How to contact you?

How to contact you?

Hi, how to contact you? Do you have a discord id? Mine is Maxfield#7044

May I know what's the engine, and how to contact you?

How to contact you?

How to contact you? Do you have a discord id?

Your discord id didn't work, please double check.

How to contact you?


Hi, I'm looking to join a team who want to make a Visual Novel using RenPy, or someone who want to make a team and need a programmer. I'm ok with revenue share, skill trade or paid project. For further inquiries contact me at discord Maxfield#7044. Thanks.

You should make more games. :)

Nice game, much better than flappy bird.

Hi, thank you for playing and the nice comment. :D

Hi, I'm interested in joining you.
My Discord: Maxfield#7044
My reel:


How to contact you?

How to contact you?

do you have email or discord id? Because Itch doesn't support DM, that I know of anyway.