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Playtesting your games on Twitch!

A topic by rocknightstudios created Jan 16, 2019 Views: 389 Replies: 19
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Hello, Godot devs!

We love Godot ourselves and want to support others who  develop games with the engine. This time we have to skip participating , but we will be happy to play your games live on Twitch on Monday UTC 6pm-10pm and on Wednesday UTC 6pm-10pm. There are a lot of participants so if you want us and the community to check out your project, we would be grateful if you signed up after submitting your game here:
This is our channel where we will be streaming -


I am so glad you've decided to do this, will be watching!


Submitted! I've submitted Hijinx, my game from the third jam, as I'd really like to know what could be tweaked in a post-jam patch.


Will do, John!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Hello, I submitted my game, I will be watching the stream. Enjoy!!!


Hey! It was nice to meet you on the stream yesterday! Looking forward to trying out your game on Monday!

There you go!


Looking forward to it! Are you planning to save the playtest videos for viewing later?

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So, there are 19 games submitted, so if the developer requests a video of their game being played, we'll provide it :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I'll take a video link, for frackit, since you're offering!


I want it too!

Alright, I'll prepare highlight videos after the stream! :)

Here you go!


I just sent our game :D

Awesome! We will play your game on Wednesday!



Are you guys testing only Godot wild jam or from other jams as long as the game is made in godot?

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If there will be requests, we will play other games as well! Main focus is Godot Wild Jam, but all Godot games are welcomed :)

Well... I submitted my game, Castout. But of course, you can totally ignore it since priority should be GWJ

Ok, thank you for the submission!