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Great idea and execution! I loved the aesthetic.

It is also a pretty unique and excellent fit for the theme, kudos for that too!

Thanks for playing it! 

We're working on a post jam version trying to adjust those things, it was hard to balance on the final stretch.

This game feels really great and the general aesthetic is really cool. You should check the UI size (it looks pretty small).

Amazing game. Great idea and execution!

Cool idea and great aesthetic!

Cool idea and great aesthetic!

I loved the idea of having new moves incrementally. It's a clever twist for both Metroidvanias and out of control games.

Great idea and execution, I loved the aesthetics!

Kind of hard to control (lol) since the keys are constantly switching but it's well balanced by the slow pace.

Nice idea, maybe you could try adding a few more options to use on the floors.

Really good looking game!

Nice game, really relaxing!

Nice idea and execution! I loved the dice result renderer on top of the player, maybe you could the next jump to give a bit more of power/knowledge to the player.  I also like the possibilities of having enemies split on halves (green and red).


It's a good idea! However, it was a bit confusing every time the player teleported (I think?). I also didn't find any difference between the sword and the shield, which is kind of weird.

A bit slow paced but nice idea!

You should check the collisions, penguins were impossible to avoid sometimes (maybe you could also add some kind of frontal dash to dodge them).

Great idea! I would add something like a countdown to understand when I'm going to switch ship.

Nice idea! I think it could be really useful to have a better way to understand which cell of the map is going to be sprayed with water (maybe with a subtle color change). 

Really funny idea and the graphics look great!! Also the baby's screams made me laugh a lot. I had some trouble getting them to go where I wanted even if I was "activating" the surrounding towers, but eventually they found their ways. Cool game!

Looks really beautiful and the concept is great! However it was kinda frustrating to play because some awkward key combinations where hard to grasp and the reward of getting it right wasn't so big (i can just run right and eventually reach the end, at least in the first two levels). I understand this is the idea, but maybe adding an additional mechanic or challenge in level design and polishing the control response a bit would make it more fun. For example I found trouble jumping when standing on slopes. But very nice work!


I just sent our game :D

Awesome, thanks!

Hi all!

This is our first Godot Wild Jam. On the submit requirements you specify PC, Mac and Linux builds but I see some entries with just a web export. 

Is that ok? We're mainly working with web release so we would like to submit it in that way too.

Thanks in advance!