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Guide Pinto away from the hot desert sun and into the cool shade of the clouds!
Submitted by HalfPastYellow (@HalfPastYellow), Remzo (@r3mzo), wiggs (@gdbeis), MaxWrighton93 — 5 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline

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The player character is damaged by sunlight. The player must grow plants to create shade to traverse the desert. Growing plants requires energy. The player must eat plants to regain energy, thus losing the shade they provide.

Third-party resources
Unity3D., CC0 license, attribution in readme

Max Wrighton
Gian Dbeis
Remy Stuurwold
Tanja Tankred
Andreas Schönau

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Cute graphics, challenging game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Developer (1 edit)

Cool vid! Thanks for playing!


Very great aesthetic. I love the concept. I'm assuming you got the music through a royalty free website, which is fine, but I'm pretty sure I've heard it in a commercial game or video before, which kind of detracts from the unique feeling the game has for me.

I feel like the controls could be a bit more responsive, especially the camera controls. Feels like it takes ages for the camera to get where it needs to be. Also, the plant growth takes a little too long to happen. The player just sits around waiting on plants to grow most of the time. There's also probably some balancing that needs to be done around the mechanic. I was able to run across a pretty large stretch of open desert and then just plant things in the shade to eat until I had enough health to get to safety. Maybe plants shouldn't grow in the shade?

Anyway, it's a great concept and a pretty good execution of it. I'm interested to see where you go with it!


Hey, thanks for the feedback and we are glad you enjoyed it.

We never thought about having the plants only grow in the sunlight, it totally makes sense but i guess we never saw it. If we keep working on the game we will definitely look at how the plants work and grow.


So cute ! The mechanic is great and good job on the visuals, you nailed it in 48 hours !


I love:
- The shadow = safe place mechanic is a powerful level design tool
- Graphics are splendid for a game made in 48h
- Sounds are right on spot
- Pinto is cute

I would have love if:
- The camera was controllable. I want to see where I can go but also contemplate the world around me. I felt a bit lost and frustrated that I couldn't do anything about it.
(Totally personnal: I care for getting the feeling of being lost and think you could push it a bit more as it totally fits the theme of your game but it should be conveyed by the level design)
- The goal was more explicit. I started the game "blindly": didn't read the .txt nor the description on the game page, just looked at the screenshots. I had no incentives to move from where I was and I finished the game by pure chance (I never saw the clouds).

I would love to play more of this game if you work again on it. :-)


Thanks for playing and the in-depth review! We appreciate the feedback and have a camera update in the works. Stay tuned!


The legs just gave up. Still the Aesthetic is cool. I had fun. Would have benefit from a level design to make the game more challenging and give a sense of purpose to the player. Still good job.


Combining the health and the seed planting is amazing, that entire mechanic is great. The camera angle does make it difficult to plan where you're going next (didn't find any controls for camera?). Player movement animation is adorable.