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Hey, thanks for the kind words :)

Glad you enjoyed the game!

Hey, great video! glad you liked it! Maybe more in the future... Stay tuned!

Hey, thanks for playing!
Glad you enjoyed it :D

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Cool vid! Thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks for the feedback and we are glad you enjoyed it.

We never thought about having the plants only grow in the sunlight, it totally makes sense but i guess we never saw it. If we keep working on the game we will definitely look at how the plants work and grow.

Thanks for playing and making the video!
We would also like to make more levels... and fix Pinto's legs after you get to safety, keep a look out

Hey, thanks for trying the game and taking the time to make a video.
Glad you liked our little bird friend :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and the in-depth review! We appreciate the feedback and have a camera update in the works. Stay tuned!