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Only One MinuteView game page

An action platformer made for the GMTK game jam 2019.
Submitted by KikooDX (@KikooDX) — 8 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#13603.1083.714

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Heya! Said i was gonna play, so here i am!

So i'm quite the sucker for like ragegames and the like, and even though i try to avoid them when i play one i get effin compelled, hehe

55:29, that's my time!

one thing that was quite dizzying was that because the movement is so fast and you don't get any acceleration it's normal to start moving to jump and fall off the platform, so i had to train myself to first jump and then move, wich was quite weird, Usually there is a little bit of slowdown at first to make it easier to jump stuff!

though i'm also not used to megaman like jumps (hold to go further) so i sucked at jumps overall, hehe

overall, nice and simple, to the point. practice mode is quite nice in this kind of games though i actually didn't touch it at all, hehe


Well played !

I understand what you say about acceleration, I will do a patch after the jam to implement that, hopefully it will feel better for the most ^^

(The base version will stay online.)

For Megaman jumps you're correct, it's a pretty unusual design choice but I really like those, I will think about it for a possible next time, maybe for an higher basic frame 1 jump height ^^

Thanks for your review !


Fun to play and short. Good job !


Thank you !

The game is programmed well and fun to play, and the level design is really nice. However, having one minute to finish a platformer is quite common, and the way I understood the theme of the jam, it's taking something you expect to have a lot of, and giving you only one.


Thanks for this detailled review !

Can you please tell me some other platformers that follow this idea ?

As far as I know, 10 seconds challenges is pretty common (You Have 10 Seconds serie, 10 Seconds Ninja are the most famous ones), other games have those kind of limitation (Super Meat Boy with A+ grades for example), but I don't remember of any game that limit your total playtime, I mean by that the whole game (not individual levels) to one minute.

Thanks a lot ^^


Well, the game feels like  a single level (that's pretty much unavoidable in order to be something you could finish in one minute), and the fact that the time limit is one minute is kind of arbitrary in the sense that it doesn't feel much different from a 90 second time limit or a 50 second one. So overall the impression I got was "It's a nice platformer, and it has a time limit"

In the introduction, Mark said something like "take something the player expects to have a lot of, and give them only one". In platformers, I don't typically expect to  have "a lot of minutes" :P


Gotcha ! I will remember all you said for the next time, thanks a lot ^^


Short and sweet.


Thank you ^^