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Giant Bomb 2108 - A Choose Your Own Giant Bomb AdventureView game page

Submitted by RobPigott — 4 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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Giant Bomb 2108 - A Choose Your Own Giant Bomb Adventure's page


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Giant Bombitude#153.8544.000

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Had fun with this, really enjoyed the visuals that went along with it! It seemed to hang for a really long time in chrome a couple of times, but worked pretty well overall


Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback! Yeah, I don't know why Chrome and Safari it's been acting up but definitely try it in Firefox if you can. It works best on that browser.


This was a lot of fun and had some really great writing! I played on Safari the first time through and the audio didn't work, though, so if anyone else tries this on Mac OS they might want to use Chrome or Firefox.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing man. Glad you enjoyed it! What ending did you get first?

And yeah, I don't know if you saw the post on the game page but I recommend playing it in Firefox if possible. Don't know why other browsers are having problems. Did any of the music or sound play for you at all in Safari?


Nice. There's some deep cuts here that I usually don't see in these games. I like it.


Thanks man! Glad you liked it! As I said before, I really liked yours as well! Looking forward to seeing whatever you do next! What ending did you get first if you don't mind me asking?


I think it was the one with Rocco from Mega64. Weird reference but I can roll with it.


Okay cool. I'm a big Mega64 guy too and I know Rocco and Ryan had a close relationship since Ryan got Mega64 access to a lot of game industry people early on in their career. It's kind of referencing that part of their friendship. But yeah, it's a bit out there if you don't know that haha.


Also, what door did you choose the first time meeting Jeff?



Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Fun story. Really takes off at the end once you get to the info dump(s). Earlier pages could've leaned heavier into the "GB history trivia quiz as VN" aspect, but you had the original story from the very beginning to make it more than just Hologram Cameos The Game. Not bad.


Thank you! Yeah, I wanted this to work as maybe a bit more than just a Giant Bomb fan service game (even though it is 100% that as well haha) and comment on the nature of nostalgia and trying to recapture something that was lost I guess as pretentious as that sounds haha. Glad you enjoyed it! What ending did you get first if you don't mind me asking? 


Does zapped by the Dan bot count? The End end I got was the "Fresh Start" ending. I didn't think the other endings would be that different? How many are there?

Developer (1 edit)

Hahaha that definitely counts.

And counting the death screens? There are 13 different endings. 

I will say the endings that lead to the end credits page all have some variation, for sure. I made sure that every ending has a bit of a variation so they're each worth going through. I'd say click through the rest you didn't get. You might get a kick out of it. Also, what door did you choose the first time meeting Jeff?


First door. Super Party Party.

Cool, I'll give it a second look then (sorry, I just generally subscribe to the One-Run-Only camp of story games, the more you didn't see the more you can be surprised by when talking to other people who played it!)


Cool, cool. And for sure. I totally get that.